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Singit lang ako dito but I hope you would enjoy reading this article. It really excites me every time I pass by our school during breaks. I got more excited when I got a chance to read through our school papers.  Our school had changed a lot! Few years ago, I was one of the students which QNHS cradles in her arms. Now, I’m almost on the last phase of my tertiary education.


So, why am I here? I wanted to share some of my learning and experiences I had in college which I believe you can learn something from.  I won’t force you to agree with everything I’d say. I just want you to go through it and think about it.  High school life they say is the most exciting stage of learning. But I’m telling you it’s nothing compared to the adventures you’ll soon face after secondary school days. Adjustment period will be the first hurdle you have to get through after high school. Probably the toughest one specially if you’ll be away from home for the first time and can only see your family, five times a year at most. Changes will really shock you- changes which will make you realize and say “hey, tao pala ako”. You’ll be dealing with a new set of people: new set of professors (teachers) – terror, walang paki, mabait and of course, new friends. You’ll have the freedom to do whatever you want. But always be careful and always remember that freedom also means absence of something unpleasant. Be you’re worst faultfinder. Because when something goes wrong it’s only you who’s left to blame. Though we may be influenced by others, our decision to conform to what our environment pressures on us is still our choice.

Also, high school is a stage where our dreams started to narrow down. Our dreams and plans no longer answer the larger than life question, “What do I want to become when I grow up?” Your question becomes, how can I be that someone I’ve been dreaming about? My point is as we grow older our dreams become more specific. We no longer seek the answers for our what’s instead we start to work on our hows.

We have started talking about dreams? What program will you be taking in college? Students are usually caught in the crossroad of what career to pursue. Is it something our parents are telling us to take? Something practical or a course we really love? When I entered college, I’m in a pre-med course. I’m formerly a BS Community Nutrition undergrad. On my second year of college, there was a shift on my career path. I transferred to another program. My current major now is BS Home Economics and I will be graduating next school year. I often hear people comment like “Do you want to be a professional mom?” People would also ask me “Why BSHE?”  I’ve answered this question a thousand times. I only have one answer to it. “It’s where my heart is!” End of discussion. I’m much interested in family life, food and nutrition, art and entrepreneurship – a part of me which I have only discovered during my sophomore year in college. It is the main reason I chose BSHE. It is holistic degree program which suits my personality. After schooling, I plan to put up a small enterprise. I have plans of going back to school to gain more knowledge. I’d b focusing on advertising perhaps. It’s important that the course you will be taking is something you’d really love to do for the rest of your life. Yung tipong hindi mo sasabihing, “nahihirapan na nga ako hindi pa ko masaya.”

Dreams sometimes, no matter how large they are can shrink to a grain of sand if you don’t protect them. Some point in my life I experienced that. I failed one of my major subjects. I felt so humiliated and just wanted to let go of everything.  It seemed like my dreams crashed down like a house made of cards. I wanted to quit! One night, I attended a youth gathering and the speaker said, “A person without a dream is like a dead man walking”. It was the time I realized how important dreams are. They serve as compass to on our journey through life. Right now, I want you to think of the things you wanted to achieve in the next 10 years. Write them down. Work on them. Then go back to it from time to time to see how many of them already realized. Yes, we fail. No one is excused from it. We may cry over our failures but never miss the point despite the pain. There’s always a reason for everything as the cliché goes. Search for the lesson you can gain from those losing time. At the time I failed a 5-unit subject, I know life taught me the concept of humility. Medyo nagiging mayabang na kasi ako. In case you failed to reach your dream in your first attempt, give it another try. Bruises and wounds we got from our battles make us a stronger person, and even a wiser person.

There are times we don’t set goals because we thought it would be too impossible for us to achieve them.  When I entered college I never dreamt of seeing my name in the dean’s list. I don’t know maybe I thought it was way too impossible for me. For three consecutive semesters now, I’ve been seeing my name on the college scholars list (a.k.a dean’s list). Through time I learned that impossibility is just state of mind. Willingness to try and to work for a goal separates possibility from impossibility. What you will become is not determined by your family backgrounds, the friends you have or the things you did. It’s your willingness which matters. It’s much like saying our destiny is a matter of chance but our choice

Values. I used to define this word as a class where we used to clean up our classroom and water the plants. Now, I see it as a jewel crown. It is a source of wisdom I propose since must of the decisions we make and will be making is guided by the values we possess. Values are maps to our goals. Values and goals serves as anchors when this became shaky. (Attitude is the vehicle!) Among the values I have, love of God would be on the top of the list. Don’t want to sound religious but I guess it’s one of the reasons why I continue striving – to live, for excellence, to make an impact. Besides, I recognize it as the core of my existence.

Final words, never miss a chance to learn something. Value those learning. (Note: Learning is always something positive) Before you leave high school make sure you’ve learned your English grammar. Also you have to know at least the basics of operating a computer. Be acquainted with Google and Yahoo just don’t depend too much on them. Believe me it will be an advantage if you know these stuff. Most of all have fun!

this entry has been published on the Newsette, my high school Alma Mater’s official quarterly publication. Oct – Dec 2006 issue. It’s a goal accomplished. It’s been a part of my goal to contribute to the papers. I guess I’ll be contributing on a regular basis.


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