The Reward of Sharing: The Beauty of Real

It’s a rare moment to catch the sunrise in Manila. I’m glad that I agreed to join this year’s gig. Clutching my bible next to my chest, Ate Abby and I strolled the seashore to thank God for the gift of life. The sun starts to rise by 5:00AM. Fishermen are also beginning to dock their boats after long hours spent fishing in the open sea.

Good morning, victorious!

A breakfast of tuyo and fried rice is enough to kick start the day. Sun’s is already hot but I am still clueless of today’s whereabouts. I gave PhP200.00 to our host to purchase gasoline to fuel the motorboat. That’s all I know for now.

Boating 77 - 2

Yesterday, we crossed an almost dry river. But this morning, the river swelled to a water level that allows boat to float. Okay, curious question now answered.  I was laughing to myself on the realization that there is a thing called tide and that the fishermen did not carry their boats to the sandbar. 🙂

A few more minutes, our host loaded some cooking utensils to the boat and off we go to the open waters.

Boating 39

Guests at the PaRK – a recreational facility across the river bank.

We sailed for about an hour until the all we can see is a vast expanse of blue and white. It made me realize that I just a tiny speck in this earth. I’m getting bored with the thought that I am clueless of about this boat ride. I tried to kill that feeling by asking questions and sharing jokes and stories with my seatmate.

Boating 55

I have learned where are we heading; that the body of water where we are sailing is called Lamon Bay. This is a body of water that connects Quezon to Pacific Ocean. A few more minutes, we saw a man throwing line to catch squid. It’s a proof that this bay is teeming with marine life.

Boating 59

The fisherman is also kind enough to give us a quick run through of how he catch squid. The first step is to catch a swordfish this will then be bait for the squid. A squid freshly drawn from the water is greyish white in color. On exposure to the sun, the squid’s skin will slowly turn to a reddish hue.


Me and a sunburnt squid. In Quezon, there is a custom called “pambuburaut” where you can ask for fishermen’s catch for free.

The fisherman is so generous to offer us his first catch which we gratefully receive.  Our boat then turned and head to our next destination – Balagbag Falls. From the place where we stayed, it could be reached by foot in 5-minutes. The boat docked on a rocky beach, the wind is was strong thus giving us a hard time alighting.

Boating 83

Our group walked under coconut and pine trees. A creek and sloping trail gives us a hint that we are almost there.

BalagbagFalls 003

Entrance to the falls is PhP20.00. Some of the kids who joined the outreach activity welcome us and guided us to the falls.The trail is a bit bushy which gives more excitement when we first heard of the water roar from the falls. We are almost there!

BalagbagFalls 010

Balagbag Falls is two tier. The final one drops to a pool where local kids jumps in to. A scary sight for me.

BalagbagFalls 038

There was a single cottage at the vicinity of the falls. The trees give enough shade to keep you from the harmful rays of the sun.


We had a good time enjoying the cool water and taking some photos as memoirs. Staying under the falling curtain of water is like having hydromassage. I got too excited and forgot that my camera is not water proof. Captures become misty.

The day is ending and the team packed our personal belongings. We did not forget to say thank you to the barangay head.


Crossing the river again.

From Brgy. Tignoan we hired a tricycle to get us to the town proper. This is a wise move since public transportation that passes in Tignoan are already full.

We have enjoyed the generosity of the people of Real in spite of their lack. For the 2-day trip, this is a breakdown of our individual expenses.



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