MNL-TAG Flight 2.0

Upon arriving from a 2-day trip from Real, Quezon, I have to pack up for my second trip to Bohol. My schedule is too hectic but I’m enjoying it. Our second trip to Bohol is for a workshop for the pre-testing of the Grants mechanism our team putted-up. Out trip is 3Pm. I needed to go the office first to fix some unfinished stuff for the workshop and to prepare the things we will be bringing. We: Rhea, Dr. Odette and I arrived at the airport. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed due to a traffic on the runway.

Runway Traffic

Parade of Metal Birds

6 airplanes lined-up for take-off. it’s cool to see these huge planes taxi through the  runaway. after after a few minutes, up we go.

Manila's Aerial View

Up,up and away

take-off is my favorite part of plane ride. i’m excited to see Bohol again.

this a shot taken few minutes before touchdown. It’s one of Bohol’s island. Bohol’s sky is much clearer than of Manila’s, of course, pollution is lesser here. here’s more . . .

Airbus31958around 4:30pm. our plane landed on Tagbilaran Airport’s runway. the runway is short so expect rough touchdown.Our team wanted to reward our efforts with a tour to Bohol’s tourist spots. A tourist assistant gladly answered our inquiries.


Doc O and Rhea inquiring at Tagbilaran Airport Tourist Desk

Accommodation in Bohol is not a problem. It offers has a number of pension houses, hotels ranging from good enough to posh types. it’s good to have a reservation though. We chose to stay in Wregent Hotel.


The same hotel where we stayed on our first trip. It’s just a tricycle away from the airport.

Speaking of transportation. Hotels offer transport services. If you don’t wanna avail of it, there are vans and taxis for hire. Naaliw ako sa mga driver dito. the drivers are trained by the Department of Tourism as tour guides. Drivers here are 2-in-1 packages; a driver and a tour guide.


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