The Promise of a Sunset: Tagbilaran Bay

Our budget does not allow us to stay at Bohol Tropics, so the team decided to stay at the nearby pension house named Coralandia. We managed to get the biggest cottage – good for 4 persons at PhP1,200. reasonable price for a night stay. It has 4 single beds one for me, for Rhea, Doc Odette and for our bag. 🙂 there’s a set of TV, hot and cold shower, basic toiletries and towels. not bad for a nights stay. yayks, i have no photos to show. You may want to check out this site for Coralandia review.

Coralandia may not  offer you a posh accommodation but the view will make the stay worth it. It’s overlooking the Tagbilaran Bay. We checked in before sunset. after settling in our room, Rhea and I took a walk outside our “house” .  This is what we saw:

Tagbilaran Sunset

The blend of orange and black is such a romantic sight. I can’t help but be awestruck by the wonderful sunset. Amazing. It leaves a promise that the sun will shine again.

Coralandia is located at 45 Graham Avenue, Tagbilaran City
(038) 411 3445


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