Holy Week 2013: Cycling in East Coast Park, Singapore

From 2011, my friends and I take advantage of the holiday to go and explore a new place. 2011 was Ilocos. 2012 was Baguio. I was assigned in Singapore for 2 months and it’s sad that I can not join their gig this year. Holy Friday is a public holiday here in Singapore. I am preparing myself for a staycation. I am glad Stephanie invited me to join them on their biking sesh and have a barbeque party in their condo after.

Biking in East Coast Park, not a bad idea at all right? Besides, it will be great to re-explore this place. East Coast Park (or ECP) has 8 sections featuring various attractions and facilities. The whole stretch of the park is about 15-km.

A perfect tambayan if you wanted to unwind and enjoy some fresh sea breeze. It could be too crowded during public holidays and weekends, though.

One of my favorite spots is the Bedok Jetty. I think it’s in Area D. It’s a hundred meter dock where visitors can throw their lines to fish. Bikes and skating is allowed here. After hours of biking, you can park here to enjoy the sun set behind the silhoutte of the city structure. Marina Bay Sands can be seen here.

I enjoy watching the ships sailing by.  As I heard, this is one of the busiest body of water in Singapore. Most ships pass through this strait to reach other ports.

Kites? Flying kites is prohibited. Playing with laser pointers is also prohibited. Why? The park is near the airport and these rules are for the safety of the planes that are taking-off and landing.


Going back to biking, bike rentals is around SGD4.00 and up per hour depending on the type of bike – mountain bike, family bike, double and bike for kids. There are also offered packages that are cheaper than hourly rate. If you’re a foreigner, you only have to leave a valid ID and list your passport number on the borrower’s card then you’re ready to go. Here’s a tip: do a short test run for your bike. If you’re not comfortable with it, you can chose another unit.

Riding a bike under the trees, near the beach and letting the wind blow your hair is so destressing. Another tip: set an alarm to remind you when to return your rented bike. Penalty can be charged for a late return but of course, there’s also a 15 minute grace-period observed.


Beside biking, there are many other activities that can be enjoyed in ECP. There are water sports facilities like kayaking and water-skiing. There are also facilities for camping, extreme skate park and barbecues. All you need to do is reserve slot on the National Park Board website. Swimming is also allowed in some areas. There are available shower stalls where swimmers can wash off.

If you’re not up for calorie-burning activities and want a gastronomic adventure, this place can also be for you. There are hawker centers, bars, restaurants and fast food to satisfy your hunger. Jumbo is among the big restaurant names here, famous for their Chili Crabs. A must-try.

Another activity that caught my attention is sand-castle building. A perfect family bonding. I spent several minutes watching this uncle build castle with his grand daughter. His anecdotes are inspiring. A take away lesson fron this sesh: Always build on strong foundations


Biking in ECP is a wonderful experience. To make your adventure more-fun filled, don’t forget to bring the following:

  • A cap, hat or sunvisors
  • Face towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Extra shirt
  • A liter of water
  • Lots of energy

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