Haze in Singapore 2013: Worst Record Since 1997

Where there is smoke, there is fire. I say when it’s season of slash and burn in Indonesia, there’s haze in Singapore. I have experienced haze in my first visit in Singapore, October 2010. It was a mild case but my eyes was irritated.


A view outside our kitchen window. Seems like Singapore is having an island-wide barbeque party. Throat and eyes are starting to itch. (Photo taken by BB9300)

In my return to Singapore, I experienced another episode of haze. Not only for a day for weeks. It was reported that the case of Sumatra Haze was the worst in Singapore since 1997. Pollution Standards Index (PSI) in Singapore reached a record of 401 (July 21 2013). I was in the office when that PSI is recorded. PSI is a type of air quality index, which is a number used to provide the public with an easily understandable indicator of how polluted the air is. (Source: Wikipedia)

Singapore government have warned the public to stay indoors as much as possible. Face masks have been sold out in most sources. Some companies have suspended their operations specially those who work outdoors. I am talking about crane operations and the like. I once again felt that irritation in my eyes, so I need to go to the toilet every hour to wash it off. I was hoping our company will also suspend our operations but since we are preparing for an event it wasn’t. We are issued sets of face masks instead.

The haze has been a subject of  memes.


A guided tour with nothing to see but gray.

Capture - BRO

Singapore flyer turning into a fan to blow away the haze.

And an inspiration to some marketing strategy. Funny but the same time disgusting. In fact, McDonald’s was forced to apologize for an insensitive print ad.

Capture - mcdo

Few of my colleagues are also in Singapore to assist in the yearly CommunicAsia. They’ve seen the worse of the haze in Marina Bay and it’s almost zero visibility at noon. It’s sad that they can not enjoy a haze-free Singapore on their visit.

We planned to have a photo session during the weekend. Photos are gray filter giving photos a different character. My Blackberry captured a red sun. Reminds me of the vermilion sun of Ms.Saigon.

red sun

The red morning sun. (Photo taken by BB9300)

The hazy effect can be mistaken for morning fog. It looks cold but honestly, it’s humid. Like mainit sa singit.


Photos taken with semi-professional camera. Credits to Adrian.

A photo that made family and friends worry. I comforted them by saying “This is the fashion trend against the haze.”


Credits to Adrian Cunanan.

Singapore is not the only nation affected by the haze. Brunei and Malaysia where in haze, too. Months that haze is expected are June to September. You may also consider this info when visiting Singapore.


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