Lay-overs and Sweet Walks

We’re crossing out a faith goal for this year. A goal for Kim’s New Zealand work and student to be approved. A bonus comes with it. A lay-over in Singapore. I’m in SG for work perfect. I can take my little bro for a walk during his 17-hour lay-over. Really God’s timing is always perfect.

 Changi Terminal 2

ETA 12:55 of 7/27. 1 AM  i am crossing fingers that my baby brother Kim will not encounter any problem with immigration. 1:15AM: there he is coming out from of meeting point. Maiiyak pa ako e.

so to welcome the little big kuya: indonesian food at Chinta Manis. i know he haven’t tried this one nor will be having more of it in his final destination. He had a plate of nasi lemak; bak mee for me.


i wanted to sleep, he wants to walk around. walked. walked and walked until Ate got soooo tired. since we did not book a hotel and can’t accommodate him in our employee hostel where i am staying. the only option is to sleep in the airport. thought it would be easy. brought blankets, found a space in Mcdo but no. nothing is more comfy than sleeping on a bed

7 hours after the plane touched down, we headed straight to Harbourfront. naligo ba kami? of course naman. there are bath cubicles you can use for free. check out one in Palawan Beach in Sentosa. there are also few in East Coast Park. Just bring your own toiletries and be ready to take a bath in a semi-private area.


Entering the island at early morning is for free. (1 dollar via sentosa boardwalk, 2 dollar something by monorail, 1.75ish by bus) grey clouds started to gather as we approach the end of the boardwalk. hoping for a sunny weather for the rest of the day. i was telling kim that 5 years ago we planned to visit SG. now it’s happening. God is indeed faithful.


some time between 8:30 and 9:00, this blue thing glorious and mysterious at the same time started to turn. We took an advantage to take some photos while the madding crowd is not yet around. kim doesn’t like the common sentosa pictures. so no pictures with the m&m’s, candylicious and lake of dreams .


Marina Bay

it started to rain when we hopped in to the monorail to get to Beach Station. i wanted to have a picture with Kim on the Southern most part of Southeastern Asia but the weather did not allow us. We both decided to explore Marina Bay instead. Good thing, rain already stopped when we reached Marina Bay.


So let the camera whoring begin.


Almost lunch time and we are still walking. feet are starting to sore. if my feet could talk they would say “teh, pahinga naman tayo. kaninang madaling araw pa tayo naglalakad.”

The next stop was City Hall for a quick lunch. A friendly tip, DO NOT COMBINE DESSERTS WITH COCONUT MILK AND SODA. otherwise, you’ll have a pyrolympics inside your tummy.

Changi City Point was our last stop. This is where we bought some winter clothes and accessories.

Kim’s flight to Auckland is at 650PM so i have to accompany him back to Changi by 4PM.

Bon Voyage, brother. Make Nanay proud!


Waiting for the rocket to zoom. Changi Terminal 2.


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