Foodies and Friends: Hello, Jean!

Alex, Cha and Jean were my friends and orgmates back and college. We all graduated with the same degree and another thing in common – passion for food. Passion for eating or cooking or both. 🙂

2012, we started this True Friends Club meeting (TFC for short) we do every other month. This is to catch up with each other and of course feast on food. SInce TFC was established, Jean who was working overseas had never joined us. On her short vacation, we grabbed the opportunity of spending some time with her. 

Racks is the place to be. 🙂


TFC is Charisse, Jean, Alej and Anne

Say Whut??? but honestly it’s my first time in Racks. Haha. I’m so 1990-late. For someone who appreciates American casual dining. Racks’ menu appealed to me. 

Here comes Ribs and Chicken. Well, they really deliver that tenderness that falls off the bone. I loved the smokey flavor of the ribs and the juiciness of the chicken. Both goes well with the mashed potato. 

Racks Ribs and Chicken

Classic Pork Ribs and Hickory Smoked Chicken (PhP469.00) and House Mashed Potato (PhP66 .00- reg; PhP116.00- large)

Jean like some pasta and her choice is Garlic Scampi Pasta. Tastes a little bland so we asked for extra serving of Parmesan Cheese for some additional taste. Charisse commented that scampi’s taste is usually bland because it’s oil-based like Aglio Oglio. That’s some interesting fact for me. 🙂 Pasta is cooked to al-dente perfection.


 Racks offers house platter for groups of 4, 6 and 8-10.

Moving on to desserts. After a rich meal, what could be a better idea than a dose of sweets. Our group decided to take a walk and check out coffee shops at the Block.

A Slice of Taste appealed to our group. It’s a escape from the usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean desserts. 

The sweeties we had: Double Choco Yema, Sir Francis Bacon and a slice of Caramel Yema Chiffon

One observation on the menu, Yema is their signature flavor! The yema flavor works well with choco and caramel. Sweetness is subtle and the base cake is chewy. One day, I’ll be able to create desserts like these. 

Sir Francis Bacon was ordered out of curiosity. Bacon and chocolate together for a dessert? The verdict: another flavor of yum. 

Meeting our former professor back in college is a bonus. “Ang lalaki niyo na!”, she said. Natawa naman ako sa comment ni Ms.Reandelar. 🙂


The cherry on the ube cakes – Ms. Joanne and her son, Joaquim


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