Cheap Doesn’t Have to Taste Cheap

DanEricsi remember the saturdays when laziness come and neither my brother or i would want to cook lunch. the magic words to have eat lunch are: “eto pera, bili ka sa kanto”. so there, my brother would be obliged to get on to his feet to buy some lunch for us.

then everytime he comes back, the supot” (bag) of lunch would come with extra containers. not of extra viand but of ice cream.

Dan Eric’s.

“mura lang yan. masarap pa”, that’s how Kim (younger brother) first described it. Cheap as in 100ml would only cost no more than PhP20.00.

I had this prejudice against cheap ice cream. rough and starchy. but, but Dan Eric broke that notion.

i have only tried the smaller SKU. Dan Eric’s products also comes in bigger SKUs and flavors.

wanting to try it? Go for Mango Fiesta (picture shown in this post) or Ube. Simply heaven.

Taste – super milky and fruity
Texture – fine
Sweetness – just right


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