Instawhite: iWhite facial cream product review

My officemate and I have read a lot of blog entries about a Korean skin care product – iWhite.  We saw some sachets in 711 so we decided to give it a try and share our experience.

iWhite facial cream comes in 2 tones: white and pinkish. Check out the benefits it promises to its users. We can not test the Whitening and Dual UV protection in a short period of use so let’s focus on the Makeup base benefit first. For this trial, I use the white variant.


Finish. Powdery and matte. The cream reminds me those liquid cream that skinwhite used to offer. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and when it sets it gives a smooth, shine free finish. Yey!

Coverage. It can not cover those very dark pimple scars but good enough to even out the skin tone. And yes, it instantly brightens the skin. Maybe iWhite stands for instant white.

At first use, it was too white for me. Given that my skin is naturally morena. No worries, there are ways to work around it. Here’s how:
1. Moisturize. The same process expert makeup artists would advice. Moisturize even if face is oily. Opt for the one with no shade. Moisturizing will keep you away from the cake-y finish.
2. Work with pea sizes. Work with more pea-sized cream until your desired finish is achieved. A pea size of iWhite can go a long way.

3. Finish off by dusting powder closest to you skin tone. On the ‘white makeup’ photo, I am wearing the natural shade of Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder.


Price. Considered cheap at PhP20.00 for a 10ml sachet. The tube SKU costs around PhP169.00 in Watsons for (i think) around 150 ml.

Long-wearing. It stays until the end of the day and even after you after work sweaty jogging sessions. Since it’s a good makeup base, makeup worn over it can also stay long.

It’s been 2 weeks since I first used it. No break-outs here. So i guess I’m gonna continue using it. Do take note that what may work for me might not have the same effect t

One last note: keep you iWhite securely sealed. The cream can leave white patches on your dark colored belongings. My leather pouch still has these white circles even after rinsing of with soap and water.


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