Why I don’t run?

Running shoes are bought to complete my outfit for malling. That’s it. I can’t hardly recall myself buying a shoes for running nor jogging until June 2013.

I don’t want to run. I can’t. I won’t.

That was may former stand.

As I embrace the importance of jogging and how i enjoy the benefits of it. Let me enumerate my reasons to back up my former stand.

I am heavy and running can injure my knees. I have been feeling pain on my knee since i was in high school.  Pain intensifies when some pounds are added on my weight. I can also hear some clicking every time I bend my knees.

I now realize that the more I stretch and work my joint, the better they will perform. I need to run to lose weight so not to further injure my knees. If pain is persistent consult a doctor first before staring a running or jogging program.

I abhor body pain. During the first 2 jogging sessions I felt the fear of feeling that pain again. As per our ” jogging adviser”, “Pain is expected to come. It come when routines are done wrongly. There will be pain in doing the right routine but pain are felt on the right parts.” Hamstring and calves will hurt. If the front of your lower legs hurt, that means you must have done something wrong.

I appreciated how Kuya Martin demonstrated the correct form. I learned that feet should be flat when it touches the ground. No running on your toes. Don’t bounce hard.

I look funny when I run. I grew up in a place that jogging nor running is not a norm. So i think that doing these activities is a joke.

I’ve watched several joggers before and sometimes they really look funny specially the hunchbacks.

Another important point to remember: Do not slouch while running. Be straight but not too stiff. This will help the lungs relax thus helping you breathe properly.

Right posture is important.

I don’t wanna be sweaty. I don’t want to be panting like a dog. When you learn that sweating is one of the means for our body to detoxify you’d want to sweat more. I have observed that since i started jogging i began to sweat easily. I just breathe and thought to myself, ‘my body needs it’.The remedy: bring extra clothes and hand towels.

Beside the body detoxication. Jogging also relieves stress. I run office hours and it feels good to sweat out the negativities from the office and/or the hot-head you acquired from communiting to the office. I have read an article before that running stimulates the release of happy hormones and the high is addictive. There was even a formulated state law prohibiting people to run or jog because of the addicting effect.

On the issue of panting,  running is a good exercise for the heart and lungs. The more your heart is worked out the lesser the panting. My nephew whi is asthmatic is encouraged by his doctor to run.  He still brings his inhaler during marathons but the attacks are lesser.

I have no running buddy. Will there be someone who’s patient enough to run on my pace? No one will look after my things.


What if there’s no one? Well, you have yourself.

Looks like the old saying ‘if there’s a will, there’s way’ works here. Officemate and friend, Abby is my weekday night running buddy.

It’s great to a have a buddy for a number of reasons. There wil be someone to encourage you to keep going. Someone to laugh with during your work-out. Someone to celebrate with and share your jogging successes (i.e. improvements on speed, endurance, etc)


Talk about buddies. A pair of shoes will be one of your buddies to a fitter lifestyle. It’s important to invest on good shoes. Mine is New Balance Minimus Vibram Series I got from Singapore. Light as a feather and so comfy.


Now that the notion that jogging will do me more harm is broken. It is now a goal to keep these sessions regular. I’m not really aiming to fit to my old little black dress. The goal is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Another goal is to join a marathon and fun run this year.

Will I be able to strike that out? We shall see.


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