Drops of Sunshine

A review for Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil.

I’m about to finish my third bottle. That only proves that i liked this product.

What do I use it for?
1. Eye make-up remover. A drop or two on a cotton ball lifts the hard to remove eyeliner and mascara. Does it sting the eye? No. It’s all natural oil. No traces of alcohol. Tip: Use this procedure after washing your face and feel your face after. Mine feels soft and supple.

2. Reliever for insect bites. It won’t scratch the itch as alcohol does but it soothes the pain and redness.

3. Hair polish. A drop is enough to give you that shiny hair. Apply at the tip of the hair then comb. Product is best applied if your hair is already dry. Since my hair is so thin, I only put half a drop.

4. Reliever for redness. Apply a drop of oil to the eyebrow and even armpit prior to plucking. There will be lesser redness after the skin torturing procedure. Lesser chicken skin, too.

5. Warming oil and moisturizer. My home town could be so cold during December to February. Before i go to slip i smooth a fair amount on my skin. The oil keeps me warm at the same time protects my skin from drying. I apply this product more often during cold season ’cause my skin itches on long exposure to cold wind.

6. As wd40. Hihi.

I tried using it as body massage oil before but it dries up easily. Try Human Nature Massage Oil instead.


The smallest SKU is 50 ml SKU, it can fit on a normal kikay pouch.

How will i know if the quantity i pumped out is enough?
Half press is 1-2 drops. Full press is about 4 or 5 drops.

What I like about this product?
Its versatility. Price is reasonable for its size. It’s oil but not greasy. Easily absorbed by the skin. It’s sealed in a pump container for hassle-free and clean application.

Should I recommend it?
Of course. If you are interested  trying, you may purchase it from Landmark Beauty Section, Rustan’s Supermarkets, and of course from Human Nature outlets, dealers and online store.


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