New Year burger treat by Malcolm’s

Malcolm’s burger offer’ s a one-day Buy 1, Take 1 treat usually at the start of the year. This year was January 17. What’s special about them? Malcolm boast of the wagyu beef they use for their burger patties.

The long queue of people in front of their Salcedo St. simply indicates that their burgers are one of the much-loved burgers in this side of town. Or should I say this queue is of people who would like to take advantage to take a their product at a lower cost. 🙂

Usual price cost of burger is between PhP115 to PhP270.00.

My officemates and I decided to get The Ultimate Malcolm’s Bacon Cheeseburger. 2 burgers at PhP145.00 isn’t bad.

How do we find it?

Presentation-wise. Neatly wrapped in a white food wrapper. Nothing really special. I’m more interested with what’s inside.

The Burger.


    • The bun -tastes fresh, not so soft or too tough. Generous sesame on the bun crust. Yum!
    • The Filling – crispy lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes. beef patty is heaven. Bacon is crispy. Though i find these two filling a bit dry. This could be justified because these are grilled.Super Wo-mom MJ’s comment: Malasa!
    • Sauce – The burger comes with tomato ketchup. For me this is not needed. The burger is enjoyable by itself.

Over-all experience. Good. Value for money. Fresh ingredients. You will forget that you waited for 30 minutes to get your order.

What’ your Malcolm’s story?


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