Is It Safe to Delete .thumbnails Folder on Android?

Our phone memories deserve spring cleaning too. This afternoon, I made a back-up for my media files of my Galaxy Note 2 and found these thumbnails. The contents were smaller versions of the photos existing in the photo gallery. The .thumbnails folder is around 430MB. Huge space for junk files, right?

Here are some things I learned about the .thumbnail folder:

  1. It is safe to delete the .thumbnails folder but they will only come back after a while.
  2. Thumbnails are usually hidden and can grow to more than 1GB. I was able to access the thumbnail folder using the Wireless Transfer Pro app. Thumbnail files that are more than 100Kb can be deleted.
  3. After deleting the folder containing the thumbnail, recreate the deleted file. This wil prevent your phone system to automatically create the thumbnails.

Is it safe to delete the .thumbnails folder? YES.

There is no hard and fast rule in keeping your phonea’s memory free of junk files. Preventive and maintenance procedures has to be done.


I run Clean Master on my phone to free up some space on my phone’s memory. But, but … be careful which files to delete as “cleaned” files will be gone foerever.

Credits to XDA Developers Forum.



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