How Much Does It Cost to Explore Ilocos?

Traveling in group is fun. It’s noisier, there will be more stories to hear. And yes, noisier! If traveling in group and if the destination is reachable by land, it would be more convenient to rent a car. Considering that our trip is scheduled on a holy week, imagine the inconvenience that we have to deal with finding seats for 10 people. Also, commuting to the different tourist attractions will be painful. Well, an exemption if you are willing to ride a tricycle and have a race with bigger vehicles along the highway. Buwahahahah! Planning a trip to Ilocos in a group? Hope this post will help you weigh these questions: to commute or not to commute?

Capture - Day 1Day 1: Let the Travel Begin!

We basically explored Vigan. Though our eyes have already feasted on the views we have passed during the trip that started 5AM from Quezon City. At around 2PM, we were avail to reach Vigan. Then our adventures begin:

collage - daY 1

Sneak preview of our Ilocos Adventures – Day 1

Our group took a Calesa Tour with an instruction to go to the highly recommended areas only. We voted to check out Baluarte, Padre Burgos Museum and Calle Crisologo. The tour was quite slow. Blame it to the madding crowd that flocked to Ilocos that long weekend. 🙂

Day 2 : Explore Ilocos Norte.

Capture - day 2

This day is what I am excited about. I’ll be seeing the Bangui Windmill for the the very first time. Voted spots to check out:

  • Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud
  • Cape Bojeador, Burgos
  • Bangui Windmills, Bangui
  • Paoay Church
  • Dine in Herencia’s Cafe, Paoay

collage - DAY 2

Day 3 – Tara na sa Beach!

Our relatives in Ilocos Sur blessed us with meals and welcomed us to their home. That’s a big slash from the expenses. Thank you, Dr. Sean and Joy!

Capture - day 3

It’s time to go to the beach-each-each. Our group together with our host took us to San Isidro Beach, San Juan, Ilocos Sur to cool off a bit before we hit the road again. After the lunch at the beach, the group then went back to Vigan to purchase pasalubongs – chichacorn, bagnet, Vigan longganisa we sourced from the wet market. We also passed by Marshia’s to take a bite of the famous royal bibingka and pudding.

collage - Day 3

Some notes on the transportation arrangement: gas, meals, toll fees and accommodation for the driver is separate from the van rental. At the end of the trip, we made a deal with the driver to drop us near our respective homes and he agreed. That explains the additional gas refill for Day 3.

Capture - Misc

Each individual had contributed PhP3,000.00. That does not include the additional chi-cha, water, and other personal effects. I could say that this trip is worth all the peso spent. A big thanks to our sponsors during the trip.


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