June 2014: A Recap

It’s already mid July and I haven’t written a single entry for June.

Aha, June my birth month! A month when my girlfriends and I are celebrating our friendship anniversary and a month to honor our fathers.

Blame it to the preggy hormones. They’ve been giving me emotional ups and downs,  thereby un-inspiring me to write. I am also adjusting to my family’s schedule since Tatay’s baby girl is now back to school.

A private tutor is a new addition to my already long list of roles at home. It was a joy to see Thalia progress on her learning. She now recognizes letters and numbers from 1-10!


Idea note_20140715_123243_01

This is the last birthday that I’ll be single, the last one that I’ll be blowing my birthday cake alone.

Alam mo yung may drama moment ka na, “Wow God, hindi na ako mag-iisa.” 

Last year, I celebrated my birthday in a foreign land. Celebrated with foreign food.  This year, I am celebrating it with my family. I think the last one was some 6 years ago. 

Ala akong handa but I enjoyed the day reading well-wishes and reflecting on the year that was. I think I have already received the most wonderful gift.

I am happy to see my father in the church again after a very long time.

God is really faithful.

collage - HB1

I was prayed for during the Sunday service. Our pastor said, someone who appreciates life can’t help but cry on her birthday. I think I agree with that.  I am still alive. There’s a living human inside me (sounds creepy, though).


Idea note_20140715_123243_01(1)

Our relationship with our fathers directly affects the way we relate with God.

My younger brother and I were reminiscing the days when our father used to tell us bible stories before bed time. Kim’s favorite memory is the time when Tatay thought him how to pray.

Ang laki talaga ng impact ng childhood memories sa nagiging pananaw natin sa buhay pagtanda natin. 

So, itay maraming salamat sa lahat ng pgsasakripisyo ninyo para sa amin. For staying up late to finish your projects for us to have food on our table every meal. We pray that God will bless you with longer life for you and nanay to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Much love.


This year also marks the 10th year of friendship with these wonderful ladies. We started out as dormates, then orgmates, then bestfriends. Some are already married and expecting babies,  finished masters, passed board exams and are now managers.

collagethese are the ladies who will unselfishly go out of there way just to be with you. to cry with you, laugh with you, pray with you. And the best part, they are not afraid to tell you what you needed to hear. My life story will never be complete without you. Cheers to more years of friendship.

osCV6L6 - anne


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