Clean OS Installation for Asus K24N


Yeah, I know. We need some external clean-up too.

Sussy, my 2010 bought Asus K24N crashed with this error. My in-house computer engineer performed the suggested procedure but nothing happened. At start-up desktop starts in Safe Mode, attempts to repair then fails again. I am not a fan of back-ups so another problem came up. :p

What could have possibly caused the crash? Busted OS installer.

Since, I could not do anything I parked my poor notebook and shook my head.

Could it be possible to revive my notebook by using a rebootable USB drive? I checked out the Bios set-up (ESC for this model) and sighed again on the fact that there is no “Boot from USB option”.

I did my research and found this very useful article.  (and this).

Here’s how I repaired my notebook:

1. Download .iso version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit . It’s the software that was installed to the unit when I bought it. OS are 3Gbish in size so expect long download time. Well, unless you have a very good internet connection, download time is shorter. In my case, the ETA is 12 hours from torrent.

2. Download and install Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. This software will turn your bootable USB.

3. Load the .iso image into the USB using the software downloaded on step 2. Once done, click “Begin Again” then safely remove your USB device. Note: the software will reformat your USB device first prior to loading. Now we’re ready to clean install. At this point, make sure that your unit is plugged on a power outlet.

4. Plug the bootable device to your notebook before pressing the power-on button. Then press ESC button several times to enter the Bios set-up. Options to boot from will pop on your screen that includes the “Boot from USB” in addition to the “Boot from drive” and “Boot from CD/DVD”. The option automatically and only pops out if your system recognizes a USB device upon star-up.

5. Select your desired location for the installation. In my case, I used OS partition. It’s advisable to format the partition first before proceeding with the installation. Watch how it’s done. I used the passkey pasted on the bottom of my notebook and was verified genuine by Windows. This is one reason why it is very important to check and download the right version and architecture of your OS (originally installed on your notebook) to avoid problems in the future. I’m still tempted to upgrade my OS to Ultimate though. 🙂

6. Wait for the installation to complete. This process involves several reboots. After a successful installation, the system will ask you to name your PC and to set a password. A few more click on the NEXT and OK button then we’re ready for the last step.


9. Final step is installing drivers. You can use the CD that comes with your notebook or download it from the internet. Now you can install other software you desire. I’m never a fan of IE ’cause I found it slow. I downloaded Google Chrome instead. Thinking of self-studying CAD so I put DraftSight on the to-install software. Some image processing tools, word processing software, Windows movie maker, VLC Player and other codec package, Skype and Microsoft Security Essentials. I think we’re good to go.

Disclaimer: I am not a pro in doing this stuff. I am just sharing what I have learned today. You may check the links that I have pasted on this post for more info. Mommies, this knowledge will also be useful for us. We can always run to our trusted PC technician for this kind of problems but imagine how your kids will be amazed knowing that mommy is also an in-house IT personnel. Last words, always go for Genuine softwares. It will save you from a lot of trouble.


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