It’s a Girl!

By the time of writing, my Baby Lalabs is already 28 weeks and 2 days old. In less than 3 months, Pipi and I will be able to hug and kiss her. (EDD: October 2) Yes, Baby Lalabs is a girl! That means, she will no longer be called EK but SOPHIE ELISE or PIE.

SophieWhat’s with the name?

Pipi thinks that SOPHIE sounds cute kahit na makulit. So girly. Upon our research, Sophie is the cuter version of Sophia the goddess of wisdom. One of my favorite Lola is named Sophia.

The second name ELISE is after the name of Nanay Elisa which literally means God is my oath.

Jason Mraz sings “our name is our virtue” so the name should be a good one.

I can’t explain how thrilled Pipi is when he confirmed that Baby is a girl. Though even before he already had an inkling that it will be a female.

Ngayon palang madami na akong bilin for Pipi. That he should always tell that he loves Sophie, of how beautiful and special she is, to send her flowers on special days and to date her on Valentine’s day. In these little gestures, Sophie will grow up a smart lady. That she will be confident about her identity. That she will not easily fall for a guy offering a single stem rose ’cause her father had already given her dozens. ☺

Pregnancy and motherhood is such a wonderful experience.

osCV6L6 - anne


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