At Home in the Mountains: The Baguio Get-away Day 1

(Note: This is a throwback entry for a 3-day Baguio trip in 2012.)

Baguio is 2012’s choice for our annual Lenten get-away with friends. This year we are tagging along new faces to join our crazy adventures. So how it is to travel to Baguio on a Holy Week?

DSC00225 - baguie feat image

Since we are traveling in a big group, we opted to hire a van instead of braving the swarm of commuters in the time of the year. Our driver, Kuya RK picked us up from Mcdo Quezon Ave and started out at 4am a very early breakfast. We have to be rolling this early to avoid the holiday rush. At around 8PM, we found our van on a very long queue for Tarlac Exit. It seems like all roads lead to the North. Before lunch we are already in Baguio.

Our group stayed in a house which a friend of a friend recommended to us. It’s a 15-minute drive from Session Road. It has good supply of water, has 3 toilet and bath and allows to cook. The thing is: the access road is so step that the girls in the group screamed when the van first entered the village. A little after 1:45PM, we left our “home” to begin our Baguio adventures.

Baguio 201210

Lexber Heights: heights as in mapapahiyaw ka sa height ng pababang kalye

Pnky’s  Travel Cafe

We have munched enough pasalubong from Davao so we are OK to eat lunch at 3PM.  But still lunch have to be good because of many good reasons. We reached Baguio safely, it’s our first meal in Baguio among the few. A few meters from Teacher’s Village is Pnky’s Travel Cafe: a travel themed cafe that primarily caters to the customers of Pnky’s Home Bed and Breakfast.

It has a very cozy, homy feel. The landscape is so cute that our group can’t help but pose for some photos and take photos of the things that interest us. We chose an outdoor table so it’s dining with nature.


This is the cafe’s menu. I like the travel scrapbook idea. Take a peek of what’s inside. Owners can be concluded as travel enthusiasts as well.


Most, if not all of the food offered are European with a Cordilleran twist. For starter, I chose Potato Soup. Yum! Vaticani, beef strips with cauliflower and brocolli sprinkled with sunflower seeds served with brown rice and Strawberry Iced Tea. My brother went for a serving of Ciao Bella Carbonara. Serving is like, Ba’t ang konti? But believe me, the meal is very tasty.

Baguio 20121

Check out what other’s say about Pnky’s.

The Mansion House

The adventures continues to the Mansion House. As far as we know this is a presidential home in Baguio. PGMA likes to spend her Christmas her. Civilians are not allowed to go beyond the gate so we are just tourists standing on the outside looking in. Wright Park is just across the mansion. I’ve frequented this area on my previous visits in Baguio so in the back of my mind: there’s nothing much to see here.

The Mansion House

Mine’s View Park

T his is an area you might want to avoid when visiting Baguio on a Holy Week. It’s where most souvenir and pasalubong items were bought. Our van got stuck in traffic for hours. I wondered why we have to pass through this area knowing the traffic situation. I just decided to take a walk to Mine’s View because I felt suffocated inside the van. I did not bother to reach the viewing deck anymore though. I was contented with munching grilled corn along the side walk, observing tourist do their haggling.

I found this interesting piece of art. This used to be the oldest tree in Baguio. It’s now a monument, a sculpture depicting the rich culture of Cordillera.

Baguio 20126

Session Road Market

It’s almost evening and energy is starting to reach the low reading again. Since our home allows us to cook, we are taking advantage of this perk. Next stop, Session Road Market. I am not sure if that’s how the locals call it.

Baguio 20125

I love markets specially those that offers very fresh produce. You know it’s fresh kasi madami pang lupa-lupa. Hihi. Baguio is undoubtedly offers the freshest. Would you still haggle for a lower price? It depends.

Baguio 201211Vendors who sells on the sidewalk offers the best deals. I believe they are the ones who sells products straight from their backyard. No haggling for them.

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  2. Pingback: Death by Strawberries: The Baguio Get-away Day 2 | Anne Shares

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