Death by Strawberries: The Baguio Get-away Day 2

(Note: This is a throwback entry for a 3-day Baguio trip in 2012.)

We had our rounds of doing our chores. Day 2 adventures started out late because of the very low supply of water. Filling up a pail of water takes time. I never knew that April can be cold too. I only have a pair of  jeans. It’s a good thing I brought long sleeves and a jacket.

Death by strawberries because our group have consumed a good amount of strawberry – from the fresh ones, wines, ice cream, jam to taho. Oh no one died.:)

What’s the itinerary for Day 2?

Tam-awan Village: Garden in the Sky

Tam-awan Village is founded by National Artist BenCab to promote the local art and culture of Baguio (Source: Our Awesome Planet). How about a groupie before going in?


The entrance and the list of entrance fees. The village can also be rented for functions.


Our first activity is going through a trail that leads up, up, up. Up leads to where? To more trees and bushes. Just kidding. The trail showcases artworks and landscapes that reflects Ifugao art particularly. It rained prior to our visit so the trail is a bit slippery. An observation: the higher you go, the steeper the trail. Good thing, some bamboo hand rails are installed for visitors safety. Our genius friends appreciated the ferns growing on the sides of the hill.


If you opt not to take the uphill trail, you can still enjoy the visit. A souvenir shop, art galleries and cafes situated at the lower part of the hill. There are Ifugao fertility huts that can be rented if you opt to stay here overnight. I would like to have that experience given the chance. Beware of the fertility statues: they are believed to help you conceive when touched.

Baguio 201213

According to a source, there is always an art exhibit going on in the village. One attraction that brings interest to our group is the group of sketch artists. A portrait cost PhP100.00 and usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Baguio 201216

A large portrait of Manny Pacquio is exhibited in the village. This masterpiece is a Solar Drawing by Jordan Mang-osan. It’s drawn using the sun and a magnifying lens. Amazing!


Strawberry Fields

Situated 30 minutes from the heart of Baguio, you’ll be able to find the Strawberry Fields to appreciate how these berries are cultured. The strawberry fields reminds me of the tobacco plantation we have back home specially the white canvass that covers the strawberry seedlings and the black canvass that protects the berries from being soiled.

Other crops are also planted in the Strawberry fields. There are lettuce, brocolli and some patches of mums and roses.

Baguio 201217

What is the best thing to do here? Strawberry picking! If you want to do that prepare to pay thrice the price of strawberries sold in the market. For our group, goof around and dance in the middle of the field. :)And oh, not to mention eat strawberry taho under the heat of the sun! Kimmy loved it so he had to call Manong Taho twice.


These are stars erm berries of the day.

DSC00405 -1

Camp John Hay

We made a side trip to meet a friend. The group hiked on the side of the hills (or mountains). Tree Top Adventures was closed for the holiday so most of the time spent here was simply chatting and sharing  jokes.  We also made a sequel of our Annual Jumpshot.


The Jumpshot for 2012

Do you know that there is a cemetery in Camp John Hay? It’s called The Lost Cemetery or the Cemetery of Negativism. So, if you’re carrying a negative vibe(s) that weighs you down; you can bury it here.


There’s also a butterfly sanctuary that you can check out. It is situated near the CAP Convention Center. Leaving Camp John Hay, I have noticed some factory outlets of apparels. Maybe these shops are also worth visiting.

Just some advise, do not loiter on the golf courses. Golf balls can hit you anytime. 🙂

Mines’s View Park (Round 2)

The journey continues to Mine’s View. This time buying pasalubong is taken more seriously. Peanut Brittle, Lengua de Gato, t-shirts, keychains you can get it here. Ate Abby just gave us a tip that we should save some dough for Good Shepherd items. I bought some bottles of strawberry wine.


What is our night activities aside from the usual chats and jokes? One of our group brought a set of Pictionary, another Monopoly Deal. There is also a karaoke set in the house which we are allowed to use. It’s free for all but since it’s Holy Friday, we opt to sing mellow as a respect to the neighborhood’s observance of the Holy Week.

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