Reflections on Divergent


A lazy Friday afternoon is great to see movies.

For today: Divergent.

Action-themed, futuristic sprinkled with drama and romance. I wonder what movies will look like without subject on love. Or maybe, I can still picture Shailene Woodley as Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars. The bookworm in me is not up for a reading marathon so I am not in the right position to judge if the screenplay had given justice to the book or not.

“One Choice Can Transform You”

Compared with the Hunger Games, I think I can better relate with this flick.Why? It could be the zero to hero element. I remember my literature teacher discussing how one’s background contributes to the kind of movies (telenovelas) we liked. For Divergent, Tris for example is an individual who is on a journey of finding herself, her identity. Am I still on that stage? Maybe.

Like Tris, I have made a life choice that transforms me. I choose to start a family this year. It may came unexpectedly, that choice slowly transforms me to qualify for it. I have made that choice without regrets.

Responsible. I believe that trait increased to a hundred notch. Not to mention the development of a selfless Anne. I may not be like Tris’ mom who will literally fire and catch bullets to protect Tris. I may not be a perfect mom or a perfect partner but I am making a choice to be the best I can be – for Sophie, for Pipi, for my family of orientation and for the society as a whole.

“Cover me.”

“Love Conquers All Fear.”

Four’s (Tobias Eaton) fear landscape involves Marcus Eaton with a belt in his hand. It appears that Four has been physically abused when he was younger thus creating a scar of un-forgiveness and fear in his heart. A scar that has created a gap between him and his father.


In one way or another, we have experienced being hurt. It hurts the deepest if it is by someone who’s very close and someone we trust. Hurt that can be translated to betrayal. Hurt that stings to death. These kind of life experiences may lead to distrust, insecurities, fear of facing the truth, and oftentimes fear of loving.  Our fear imprisons us and deprives us of the wonderful life we ought to be living.

How can we be freed? The answer: RELEARN TO LOVE. Learning to love again will bail us out of that smelly and dark prison. For in love, there is no holding of grudge, there are no keeping of records of wrong. Love teaches us to forgive not only our offenders but also to forgive ourselves. Love also gives us the courage to walk out of that ugly prison and bask in a sunnier path.

Four helping his father get up the train to escape the Dauntless camp is an act of love. If Four will be sent back to his landscape, his best approach is to show an act of kindness – a hug or a statement of “I forgive you”.

Side Note:

Having  acquainted with the FACTIONS makes me understand why my friends from Community Development commented that Divergent could be a best examples for a Master’s Comprehensive Exam.

In the world of Divergent, the society is classified based on virtue; while in our real world society is based on power and money. Where do I belong? I don’t know, maybe I am a Divergent too.



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