Bye-bye Stinky Pillows: Bladder Control How-Tos

My 5-year old sister, Thalia already knows how to control her bladder but that is only true if she’s awake. At night, my parents resort to putting on diapers to keep her underwear and the bedding dry. One time, Thalia wanted to sleep beside me. So I told her, “Alright, as long as you don’t wet my bed.” She covered her face with a pillow to put her self to sleep.

I took my chances of not putting diapers on her that night because I had a plan. I don’t want her to be dependent on diapers.

  1. Make an agreement not to pee in bed and explain why. Call it conditioning. I explained to Thalia why she have to learn how to control her bladder. I explained it in a way she can understand.Here are some of the reasons I told her:
    •  “Don’t wet your bed so you can always sleep  with your “hotdog” pillow”.
    • “Your pee makes our pillows and blankets stinky. Do you want to sleep in stinky bedding?”

      IMPORTANT: Do not use that bladder problem to embarrass your kid. Please.

  2. Let her pee 30 minutes before going to bed. Or to put it simply, Thalia have to go to the toilet before she hits the bed. Reduce fluid intake at night. The same thing applies during daytime nap.
  3. Make a schedule of pee pee time. I wake up 2-3 times at night to empty my bladder. 12:00AM, 3:00AM then 5:00AM. Why so frequent? I am pregnant. 🙂 On those trips,  I would wake her up to ask if she wanted to pee. Even if she said no, I still let her sit on her pee pee pot. There are times that she is too sleepy to get up. So I am left with an option to carry her to the toilet. Pull down her underwear, watch her ’til she’s done, dry her up, pull up her underwear then carry her back to bed.

    IMPORTANT: Keep the path the toilet unobstructed. Keep a night lamp on.

  4. Make a pee pee pot available in the bedroom at night. Thalia would make sometimes make an excuse that she is afraid to go to the toilet. So we made the toilet available in the bedroom. Note to self: Have a flashlight within your reach.
  5. Acknowledge her for a job well done. Acknowledgement encourages the little ones to keep on doing the job – a very good job. 🙂 If she fails, I still assure her that it’s OK then we’ll try again. My usual morning conversation with our little girl goes something like this:
    • “Did you pee?”
      “Wow, very good!” or
    • “Did you pee?”
      “OK, tonight don’t pee. Separate the stinky pillows from the not stinky ones.”

We have been implementing these points for a more than a month now. Slowly, we are gaining success.  Thalia now wakes up voluntarily and let’s us know if she needs to pee. Of course, accidental wetting is still part of the training so be patient. Feel free to share your experience and tips on toilet training/bladder control.





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