Tongo’s Super Tuyo: Average Made Sosyal

The tagline reads “The Best Tasting Tuyo” and my taste buds say “Agree!” First introduced by Cat back in 2012IMG_20140318_114334 - 1, the Super Tuyo is an instant favorite among friends.

It comes in 3 equally delicious variants: Original, Famous Spicy, and Sweet & Spicy.

My personal favorite is the Sweet and Spicy which I love to pair with steamy rice and fried eggplant. Dare to experiment. Create pasta, fried rice and other dishes using Super Tuyo.

Over the years, the ST League has grown bigger. You can now chose to enjoy the delicious tuyo flaked or fillet, gourmet in olive oil or regular in canola oil. Few new friends also joined the league which I believe will also be a hit.

How to Purchase Super Tuyo? There are 3 possible ways to buy:

  1. Few stores and individuals are already offering ST. Click here for the list.
  2. Online through Shopinas.
  3. or have them delivered to your doorstep by filling out the form available on their official website or contact us at (02) 793-0915 or 094-2828-TUYO (8896)

Delivery is fast. If you’re lucky, you can get your orders within 4 hours. 🙂


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