How To: Submit SSS Maternity Notification in Isabela

It’s my 7th month of pregnancy and I haven’t notified SSS about it. Panic. Panic! Before I faint panicking, I googled on how to notify SSS about my pregnancy.

I learned that expectant moms can do notification online or go personally to your servicing branch or to the nearest SSS Branch. I left my employment in April so my case is a different story. SSS Membership Status: SEPARATED. Online notification could be a very convenient option but for some reason SSS website always gives me an internal problem alert. Sigh! I have to through the other process.

Google, google again. Wow, there’s an SSS near my OB’s Clinic in Ilagan!

Here are  SSS Branches in Isabela where you can transact

Bucag Bldg., Canciller Avenue, District 1, Cauayan City, Isabela
Phone: (078)  634-5286

N.S. Binag Bldg., National Road, Camalagui Second, Ilagan, Isabela
Phone: (078) 624-1409

Musngi Bldg., Provincial Rd., Centro East, Santiago City, Isabela

Phone: (078) 682-7401


Anywhere in the Philippines, the process of submitting SSS Maternity Notification (MAT-1) is the same.

  1. Fill-out SSS Maternity Notification (MAT-1) Form. Note: Use black ink only.
  2. Submit the accomplished form together with the supporting documents necessary.
    • Ultrasound or OB report to prove pregnancy (Hello, look at my belly! :))
    • A photocopy of your SSS ID, just in case
  3. A copy of the “Received” MAT-1 will be returned to you appended on a Maternity Reimbursement Form (MAT-2) and your SSS Transaction Slip. The receiving SSS Staff  will (may) also give you a run through of the requirements for reimbursement. I have mentioned my membership status, the staff highlighted the requirements that I need to prepare.


Bring a photocopy of your Ultrasound/OB Report and SSS ID (2 sets).

Bring a black ballpen.

Don’t forget to smile and thank the SSS Staff and even the Manong Guard who opened the door for you.

SSS Ilagan is a satellite office of Cauayan Branch. I overheard that encoding is done in Cauayan Office. There’s actually a Step 3.1 Have the “Received” MAT-1 photocopied in the next establishment. The photocopy will be the reference of the SSS Staff to encode your notification and the original copy will be returned to you for the reimbursement process.

SSS Branches are open 8:00AM to 5:00PM with no lunch breaks. I went to Ilagan Branch at around 9AM and there were only 2 persons in the line – an elderly and I. In a matter of 15 minutes, my transaction is done.


  • SSS Maternity Notification can be done 60 days from the date of conception but not later than the date of delivery.
  • For members who are separated from employment/self-employed/voluntary/OFW/non-working spouse can submit to the SSS branch nearest her residence.
  • If you are employed, SSS Mat-1 will be submitted by your employer – through the HR department in your behalf. Full payment of the maternity benefit shall be advanced by the employer within 30 days from the maternity leave application.
  • Receipt of Maternity Notification form does not guarantee payment of Maternity Benefit. Payment of benefit will be based on existing policies and guidance.

I am praying and hoping that I will not have any problem with my SSS claim. As far as I know, I am qualified to avail of it. There were cases when claims can be denied. Find out why. 




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