Thoughts: Hapee for Happy Mouth

After brushing, I have to drink a couple of glass of water because my mouth feels dry. I thought I am just thirsty but having dry, chapped lips too might mean something else. Pipi also has mouth concern-bleeding gums.

20140518_125706It’s nothing to be alarmed with the bleeding. His gums are simply sensitive (or he could be brushing his teeth in a wrong way causing trauma to his gums).

When I was younger, Sensodyne  was my dentist’s recommended brand. But it’s too expensive and I didn’t like the taste. A friend recommended using Hapee Gold Gumtect ’cause she thinks that my mouth may need some kind of a “moisturizer”. Gumtect contains Vitamin E to soothe and smooth damaged tissues and Allantoin to speed up the growth of new tissues in the gums. It also has Triclosan which is known to reduce plaque and tartar build up.  (Source: Hapee Gold Gumtect insert). 

I gave it a try and there was no dryness. And no morning breathe. 🙂 Could it be possible that my former toothpaste is too harsh for my mouth? I bought a tube for Pipi and asked him to try my new discovery. He said it also works for him. 🙂

I am using this toothpaste for more than 2 years now and still happy with it.

Note: I am not paid for this post. Only sharing a pleasant experience. 


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