How To: Renew Professional ID

It has been 6 years since I received my PRC license. Just sad that I haven’t really used it professionally. On it’s expiration in 2009 I have never renewed it. I intend to go  back to the academe. This time as a teacher. First things first — RENEW LICENSE. How?

Dec 16 2008: Oath Taking  Ceremonies for NCR Professional Teachers in Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City

Dec 16 2008: Oath Taking Ceremonies for NCR Professional Teachers in Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City

According to PRC website, there are 2 ways of renewing: 1) through PRC Central and Regional Offices 2) through SM Malls. Isabela doesn’t have a PRC office. The nearest one is in  Tuguegarao, Cagayan which is around 2-3 hours travel from my town. So the better option is through SM Malls.

How is Professional ID Renewal Done in SM Malls?

  1. Prepare the following and proceed to the Renewal Lane:
    • One (1) passport sized ID picture, close up, in white background and nametag. No smiling please.
    • Come in smart casual attire. Polo shirt, blouse with collar is just fine even if you come in jeans.
  2. Fill-in the renewal Form which you can get from the teller. The renewal form is also downloadable from PRC website. Once finished, submit the completed form and the picture to the teller.
    • Important details to input:
      • date of examination,
      • registration date,
      • expiration date,
      • and license number. 
  3. Queue for phototaking. Yes, you will have your photo taken again. Do your best to look good. This will be the face on your ID for the next 3 years.
  4. Pay assessed fee for renewal (and penalty fee, if any), photo fee, convenience fee and/or courier service fee.
    • Renewal fee – The usual renewal fee is PhP450.00 per renewal year (once every 3 years). There is  a penalty of  PhP30.00 every expired month. For example:
      Capture - PRC
    • Photo Fee:  will be updated soon
    • Convenience Fee: PhP 50.00
    • Courier Service Fee:  PhP 80.00 (optional)
  5. Receive claim stub and receipts. The claim stub comes with a contact number of the SM Business Center for your follow-ups.
  6. Claim the PIC on the date indicated in the claim stub or if you availed of the courier service, you just have to wait for its delivery.

The lead time for the pick-up of delivery of the PIC is another story. If  in a hurry, it’s best to proceed to the nearest PRC instead. Processing time in PRC Centers is around 2 weeks whereas SM Malls is around 2-3 months. The downside of the promised convenience.

Renew your PRC Licenses in Region 2 in these locations:

Capture - SM


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