D-day Preparations: Baby Cloths

One financial advise for first-time mom: DON’T BUY SO MANY STUFF FOR YOUR BABY UNTIL SHE IS BORN. I heed that advise. Last Friday, we went to SM City Cauayan to purchase Sophie’s first set of cloths. It feels like shopping for your supplies for school opening just that we are shopping for baby cloths. Another yes-I-am-now-a-mom moment.

Nanay was in-charge in choosing Sophie’s cloths. Her principle: it must be cotton, soft and absorbent. She’s really particular that the material should be pure cotton.

Here are few of the stuff we bought:

  • Pyjamas – set of 3 for newborn and another set of 3 for 3-6 months
  • One-sides tie shirt – 3 pieces for each: long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless
  • 3 pcs of sleeveless shirts the kind with buttons on the shoulder
  • 3 bonettes
  • 3 pairs of mittens and socks
  • A few dozen of lampin
  • Bibs

The kind sales lady who assisted us suggest that we also buy onesies. I don’t think Sophie will need that. Di ba mainit at hassle gamitin ang onesie?  My siblings and I wore cloth diapers. I will also do that with Sophie. It’s economical, a bit of a hassle yes but I am sure Sophie will be more comfy. I don’t want nasty chemicals sticking on her butt. 🙂 Curity All in One washable diaper is a choice plus some Chino Pino for absorption pads.

I had the items sitting inside my room for almost a week. I did not really go far from my bed these days because of the pain I feel on my abdomen – must be Braxton-Hicks. Mother bugged me to start preparing Sophie’s cloths ’cause we won’t know when exactly she’s coming out. So OK, I started taking out the small cloths out of there packages. I am tempted to cut the cloth labels, Sophie may find them irritating.

The sun is shining bright, a perfect laundry day. I instructed Ate Berlin to use Perla ’cause it’s mild and no fabric conditioner. We have also invested in small hangers and sipit for the very small pieces of cloths.


Plantsa, plantsa din after ng labada. Am I ironing Sophie’s cloths to get rid of bacteria? No. Sunshine have already made the cloths sterile. Ironing is done to get rid of the creases.


Cloths are now ready for packing. I am storing them in a plastic container I bought from Ace. This will be the same box I am taking to the hospital on D-day.




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