How To: Properly Use Bro Healthcare Card


Membership? Done. 3-month residency period? Observed! Now, a day came that you need to use your Bro Healthcare Card. How to properly use it? Highlight on the word: PROPERLY.

    • Proceed to the nearest hospital that is managed or owned by the Isabela Government and show your BRO Healthcare ID care to the Healthcare Coordinator. The Healthcare Coordinator will then process your admission. Hospitals that are managed by the Isabela Government are as follows:
      • Cabagan District Hospital
      • Roxas District Hospital
      • Cauayan District Hospital
      • Echague District Hospital
      • Palanan Community Hospital
      • San Mariano Community Hospital
      • Villa Concepcion Extension Hospital
      • Gov. Faustino N. Dy, Sr. Memorial Hospital (Isabela Provincial Hospital)
  2. ACCREDITED HOSPITALS. In case the medical services can not be provided by the hospital listed above, a Referral Letter from the Chief of Hospital will be issued to authorize transfer of patient vo an accredited hospital. Bro Healthcare Accredited Doctors and Hospitals – As of May 2014

What if I want to go directly to an accredited hospital? Is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible. As long as you bear a Letter of Authority approved by the Bro Healthcare Office.

How can I get a Letter of Authority (LOA)?

  1. Bring the Referral Letter from the Chief of Hospital or your attending physician to the Provincial Health Office located at the Isabela Provincial Hospital, Calamagui 2nd, Ilagan, Isabela. The current Provincial Health Officer II is Dr. Rosarita B. Mariano.

    The LOA serves as your passport to transfer your patient from a District Hospital or Provincial Hospital.

  2. Once the LOA is secured, proceed to get an approval from the BRO Healthcare Office, G/F Capitol Building, Alibagu, Ilagan, Isabela. If the patient is a beneficiary of the principal member the following documents are required:Capture - BRO
  3. After a successful processing  from the Bro Healthcare Office, you may now proceed to the accredited hospital. Don’t forget to bring the approved LOA.

What if the patient is admitted to an accredited hospital without an LOA? Will Bro Healthcare still cover for the medical services?

It’s a case to case basis. A medical abstract will be required by the Provincial Health Office and Bro Healthcare Office for evaluation. If the medical abstract proves that the case is emergency and that a District Hospital or Provincial Hospital can not provide the services that the patient needs, then it’s a yes. Processing this kind of case is beyond my knowledge but I promise to write about it once information is available.

Processing the LOA will require a lot of leg work and patience. The hassle may be the reason some members by-pass the process. Well, emergency cases will be an exemption. Folks, this is the current process that the Bro Health Care Office spelled out. Let’s abide to it to avoid personal hassles and hassles to other member’s as well. Let’s support this project. I am hoping that soon Bro Healthcare Office will come up with a friendlier processes.

Note: I am simply sharing what I read and heard. For more info, please directly contact the Bro Healthcare Office.

Bro Healthcare Office
G/F Isabela Capital, Alibagu, Ilagan, Isabela
(078) 323 0386

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