How To: Prepare an Aromatic Bath

Nanay always look after our health Even now that my siblings and I are already grown up she still makes sure that we are always in the pink of our health. She was worried about me when I was in my 7th month of pregnancy and caught colds and cough. She advised me to do home remedies before I consult my OB for some western medication: pamper bath and a massage (oh yeah!).

The aromatic bath I prepared consist of boiled Lagundi and Eucalyptus leaves. Lagundi is known to cure cough and as a bath for patients who are sick and women who newly delivered. My mother gave me a warning not to ingest Lagundi as it has abortive effects. Eucalyptus is known for its therapeutic effects to patients with respiratory disturbance such as colds and cough. It has these warming effect that soothes “lamig” or cold wind.


Simple Aromatic Bath Preparation 

  1. Select Lagundi and Eucalyptus leaves. Choose those that are fresh and not too mature. The quantity of leaves depends on the strength of aroma you want for your bath. The aromatic bath I prepared consists of about 500-600 grams of Lagundi leaves and 700 grams of Eucalyptus leaves.
  2. Wash the leaves to get rid of insects, cob webs, etc. Make sure that the leaves gathered were not recently sprayed with chemicals. For the eucalyptus, the leaves can be detached from the mature twigs.
  3. Put the leaves and water in a large pan. Water is around 20 liters.
  4. Bring to boil. I let the decoction boil for about an hour. You will notice that the water will turn brownish during the process. Some oil-like material will also float on the surface. These are the natural oil extracted from the leave.  At home, we have an outdoor stove fueled by wood. It’s best to prepare the decoction in an outdoor stove to save on gas.
  5. Do the chant! Just kidding.


How to use the prepared aromatic bath?

  1. It’s best to use the aromatic bath while it is still hot. Temperature can be adjusted by adding cold water.
  2. Stainless containers are best to carry the aromatic bath as the extract can stain plastic containers. It could stain the bathroom tiles too. So be ready to do some scrubbing after.
  3. Bath as usual. After getting rid of suds, pour the decoction over your body. No need to wash off with clean water.  Enjoy the heat and take slow and deep breath to inhale the vapor.
  4. The prepared dedoction can also be used as hot foot bath.
  5. Follow the aromatic bath with a full body massage and sure you’ll feel better after.

Have a lovely buntis day!




How To: Apply for Bro Healthcare (Isabela) Membership

Health is wealth. No wonder, restoring it is costly.

My mother underwent a series of Shock Wave therapy to crush then eventually flush out the stone on her ureters. Philhealth only covers a minimal percentage of the bill (about 5%). Thankfully someone shared about BRO Healthcare. Nanay immediately applied for her membership and enjoyed free Shock Wave therapy. It was a big help to our family so I am also sharing some info for the benefit of Isabelino’s.3b175976ffd6987d6b588babc8db5081e5cfb83559a311a0918135fce58190f9


BRO HEALTHCARE is socialized health insurance system made-in-Isabela for  the people of Isabela Province. It is an effort of the Isabela government to alleviate the people from the burden of the rising cost of medication and other medical services.

The promise: 100% free medical and hospitalization benefits to members with a minimal contribution – PhP150.00 monthly contribution for individual paying members and PhP100.00 annual membership fee for the indigents.

Who are qualified to apply?

Principal member must be a resident and a registered voter of Isabela.

What are the documentary requirements to be a member?

  1. Voter’s ID or Voter’s affidavit – I passed by the municipal ComElec Office to check the validity of my Voter’s ID. Glad it’s still valid. I am still a voter of Isabela.
  2. Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)  – You can process this from your Barangay Hall or in my case from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.

* Bring the original and photocopy of the documents above. Photocopy services is available in front the Health Care Office.

Who are the beneficiaries of a BRO HEALTHCARE Member?

  • spouse of the principal member
  • children of the principal member who are below 21 years old and are single
  • parents of the principal sponsor who are 60 years old and above
  • children who are borne with a congenital disorder

Where can I apply?

Applications can be made in the following offices:

  1. BRO Healthcare Office, G/F Isabela Capitol, Alibagu, Ilagan, Isabela
  2. BRO Healthcare Coordinator Office of Isabela District Hospitals
    • Cabagan District Hospital
    • Roxas District Hospital
    • Cauayan District Hospital
    • Echague District Hospital
    • Palanan Community Hospital
    • San Mariano Community Hospital
    • Villa Concepcion Extension Hospital

How to be a member?

As long as you have the complete requirement for the application, the membership process will be done in 15 minutes. There is a lane designated for new membership. If you have to wait, there are seats available inside Health Care Office.


  1. Fill out the MMDR Form. This will capture your personal info, some important numbers and your dependents. You may also be required to bring documents like Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate as a proof of relationship to beneficiary.
  2. Submit filled out MMDR Form together with the photocopy of Voter’s ID/Voter’s Affidavit and Cedula. A Healthcare Officer will then encode your information to their database.
  3. Undergo a simple orientation about the program. The Health Care Office makes sure that you understand what the program is all about: where and when to pay for the membership fee, how to properly avail of the benefit, what are the accredited hospitals are few of the things discussed. A pamphlet about the Health Program is given during the orientation. It has a list of accredited Hospitals and Doctors. Bro Healthcare Accredited Doctors and Hospitals – As of May 2014.
  4. Have your photo taken. A beautiful smile is a requirement. 🙂
  5. Pay membership and other fees. Initial membership payment of PhP150.00 peso is required. Additional PhP50.00 (one-time payment only) is charged for the membership card. Succeeding payments can be made in the main Health Care Office or District Hospitals in the province.

    Important: Keep your payment receipts and always bring them when making a new payment for cashier’s reference.

    Monthly Membership Fee: PhP 150.00
    Membership ID Card Fee: PhP 50.00 (one-time payment)

    * A minimum penalty will be charged for late payments of monthly contributions.

  6. Wait for your Healthcare ID. Printing will take only 5 minutes.

My Isabela Provincial Health Card.


Interested groups can directly coordinate with BRO HealthCare office or call (078) 323 0386 or (0917) 966 1668.

When Can I Use the Card?

A three-month residency period will be observed. This means that benefits of the Health Card can be enjoyed 3 months from registration date.

How to Properly Use the Card?
Check this link.  

How To: Survive the Beach While Having a Period

Itinerary is planned.  You have packed your things and supplies for the trip. Then you found out that it’s the time of the month. Such a kill joy. Should you push or back out from the trip? I had this experience last year prior to a trip to Anawangin. It was a bit of a hassle but I still manage to enjoy it. Here’s how I did it:

how to survive the beach while having a period

Bring in the pads and some extras.

Base your estimate based on your flow.  Having too many supply will never hurt. Anawangin is a remote area and I am not sure if the sari-sari stores  in the island have pads. For a 2 days and 1 night trip, I brought 3 packs of overnight pads. Overnight pads are recommended for long travels and prolonged sitting.

I have read that it’s best to use menstrual cup or tampon if going to the beach with a menstrual period because (1) pads can get wet and soggy when submerged in to the water,  (2) it’s noticeable under your suit, and (3) “floating pad” incident may happen. But for me, sanitary pads is still my best option besides there are ways to go around the downside of wearing pads to the beach. If you want to wear flaunt your bikini, choose the ones without wings ’cause it could be seen outside your suit. I opted to wear dark shorts with my bikinis to conceal the adhesives and prevent “floating” incidents.

Wear something dark.

Dark bikini bottom, dark cover-up, dark shorts. Leaks can happen, dark cloths can cover it. 🙂 Dark clothing can also hide those bloated tummies. You can also ask your girl friend to check your rear (but not in an annoying  and paranoid frequency).

Don't let period get on your way of enjoying the beach.  Talisayen Cove, Nov 2013

Don’t let period get on your way of enjoying the beach.

Prepare for the cramps.

Stress and unhealthy foods can lead to menstrual pain. Ibupropen, Midol can be give you comfort. If those two won’t help, go back to the water and forget about the pain. But, but you still need to listen to what your body is saying, it the pain is too much to bare rest for a while. Relax, feel the sun on your skin and listen to the crushing waves. Find ways to interact with your friends while you are out of the water.

Change those pads.

Going out of the water for lunch or going for a trek? Change your pad first. You will feel more comfortable walking around on those dry pads. Changing pads is also for hygiene purposes and will keep you from getting rashes. If you’re out of the water, change your pads withing 2-4 hours to keep you fresh.

Dispose off used pads properly.

Roll it, wrap with paper or plastic then dispose then off in the garbage bins provided. Do not flush them in the toilet nor throw them out the shower window. You don’t want to ruin someone else’s escapade with those pads, right?

Enjoy the beach.

Period is a normal thing for us ladies. Forget the myths that it is not safe to swim if you are having a period. Don’t worry about sharks, they will not smell your blood.


Thoughts: Hapee for Happy Mouth

After brushing, I have to drink a couple of glass of water because my mouth feels dry. I thought I am just thirsty but having dry, chapped lips too might mean something else. Pipi also has mouth concern-bleeding gums.

20140518_125706It’s nothing to be alarmed with the bleeding. His gums are simply sensitive (or he could be brushing his teeth in a wrong way causing trauma to his gums).

When I was younger, Sensodyne  was my dentist’s recommended brand. But it’s too expensive and I didn’t like the taste. A friend recommended using Hapee Gold Gumtect ’cause she thinks that my mouth may need some kind of a “moisturizer”. Gumtect contains Vitamin E to soothe and smooth damaged tissues and Allantoin to speed up the growth of new tissues in the gums. It also has Triclosan which is known to reduce plaque and tartar build up.  (Source: Hapee Gold Gumtect insert). 

I gave it a try and there was no dryness. And no morning breathe. 🙂 Could it be possible that my former toothpaste is too harsh for my mouth? I bought a tube for Pipi and asked him to try my new discovery. He said it also works for him. 🙂

I am using this toothpaste for more than 2 years now and still happy with it.

Note: I am not paid for this post. Only sharing a pleasant experience. 

Stretchy Tummy Skin: How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Pregnancy can prove how wonderful a woman’s body is. We really are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator. We have strong tummy that can carry and sustain a life, powerful muscles and bones that can endure extra weight, and of course skin that is elastic that stretches as tummy grows.

Stretchy Tummy

I have heard women’s fear of stretch marks – those annoying red or white lines on skin. Call it (y)our battle scars. Pipi and I have made researches on how to at least minimize stretch marks on my tummy. Reason:  I still want to wear bikini after birth. 🙂 One thing that we have to understand about stretch marks is that – it is dictated by our DNA. I asked Nanay if she have stretchmarks. She has but very minimal. How’s my tummy? Aside from the protruding belly, extra hair, linia negra and some black spots around the belly there’s nothing else. I am not sure how my tummy will look like after Sophie comes out. I have enumerated some preventive measures I follow to minimize stretch marks:

  1. Stay hydrated. I have mentioned on a post that I drink a minimum of 3 liters of water a day. That is on top of the soup and juices I consume each day. Water helps our skin supple and elastic.One mom bears a secret on keeping her tummy stretch mark free. “I just drank at least one gallon of water every day the whole time I was pregnant. I just set the alarm on my phone every hour, and kept a pitcher of water and glass beside me. When the alarm sounded, I drank at least one glass of water.(Source: Ph Yahoo).
    how to prevent stretch mark - drink water
  2. Moisturize the belly area. I use Human Nature Sunflower Oil to moisturize my skin. It’s organic so I don’ t have to worry about harmful chemicals that can compromise my health and my baby’s. Keeping your skin moisturized will also lessen the itchiness. I also read somewhere that exfoliating your tummy can also prevent stretch marks. Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells and encourages growth of new ones. It could be done using body scrubs or a loofah.

    how to prevent stretch mark - moisturize

  3. Eat healthy.  We have kept our skin dehydrated, moisturized it. It just fitting to feed it right, too. Eat the right kind of food at the right amount. Consume more fruits and veggies that are reach in Vitamin A, C and E.

    how to prevent stretch mark - eat healthy

  4. Watch your  weight. Drastic changes on your weight can cause trauma to our skin. That is one reason why we have to do point No.3.

If these preventive measures fail, I know my sacrifice will never be in vain. My reward is a wonderful being and a wonderful experience. I will wear my battle scars with pride.

Source: The Flick


Here are some articles that may help:


Drops of Sunshine

A review for Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil.

I’m about to finish my third bottle. That only proves that i liked this product.

What do I use it for?
1. Eye make-up remover. A drop or two on a cotton ball lifts the hard to remove eyeliner and mascara. Does it sting the eye? No. It’s all natural oil. No traces of alcohol. Tip: Use this procedure after washing your face and feel your face after. Mine feels soft and supple.

2. Reliever for insect bites. It won’t scratch the itch as alcohol does but it soothes the pain and redness.

3. Hair polish. A drop is enough to give you that shiny hair. Apply at the tip of the hair then comb. Product is best applied if your hair is already dry. Since my hair is so thin, I only put half a drop.

4. Reliever for redness. Apply a drop of oil to the eyebrow and even armpit prior to plucking. There will be lesser redness after the skin torturing procedure. Lesser chicken skin, too.

5. Warming oil and moisturizer. My home town could be so cold during December to February. Before i go to slip i smooth a fair amount on my skin. The oil keeps me warm at the same time protects my skin from drying. I apply this product more often during cold season ’cause my skin itches on long exposure to cold wind.

6. As wd40. Hihi.

I tried using it as body massage oil before but it dries up easily. Try Human Nature Massage Oil instead.


The smallest SKU is 50 ml SKU, it can fit on a normal kikay pouch.

How will i know if the quantity i pumped out is enough?
Half press is 1-2 drops. Full press is about 4 or 5 drops.

What I like about this product?
Its versatility. Price is reasonable for its size. It’s oil but not greasy. Easily absorbed by the skin. It’s sealed in a pump container for hassle-free and clean application.

Should I recommend it?
Of course. If you are interested  trying, you may purchase it from Landmark Beauty Section, Rustan’s Supermarkets, and of course from Human Nature outlets, dealers and online store.

Instawhite: iWhite facial cream product review

My officemate and I have read a lot of blog entries about a Korean skin care product – iWhite.  We saw some sachets in 711 so we decided to give it a try and share our experience.

iWhite facial cream comes in 2 tones: white and pinkish. Check out the benefits it promises to its users. We can not test the Whitening and Dual UV protection in a short period of use so let’s focus on the Makeup base benefit first. For this trial, I use the white variant.


Finish. Powdery and matte. The cream reminds me those liquid cream that skinwhite used to offer. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and when it sets it gives a smooth, shine free finish. Yey!

Coverage. It can not cover those very dark pimple scars but good enough to even out the skin tone. And yes, it instantly brightens the skin. Maybe iWhite stands for instant white.

At first use, it was too white for me. Given that my skin is naturally morena. No worries, there are ways to work around it. Here’s how:
1. Moisturize. The same process expert makeup artists would advice. Moisturize even if face is oily. Opt for the one with no shade. Moisturizing will keep you away from the cake-y finish.
2. Work with pea sizes. Work with more pea-sized cream until your desired finish is achieved. A pea size of iWhite can go a long way.

3. Finish off by dusting powder closest to you skin tone. On the ‘white makeup’ photo, I am wearing the natural shade of Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder.


Price. Considered cheap at PhP20.00 for a 10ml sachet. The tube SKU costs around PhP169.00 in Watsons for (i think) around 150 ml.

Long-wearing. It stays until the end of the day and even after you after work sweaty jogging sessions. Since it’s a good makeup base, makeup worn over it can also stay long.

It’s been 2 weeks since I first used it. No break-outs here. So i guess I’m gonna continue using it. Do take note that what may work for me might not have the same effect t

One last note: keep you iWhite securely sealed. The cream can leave white patches on your dark colored belongings. My leather pouch still has these white circles even after rinsing of with soap and water.