Today’s TY: I Passed my 50 G OGTT

Alarmed of my 2-kg gain last month, my OB asked me to go through 50 G Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). It was to eliminate the speculation that I might have a gestational diabetes. OGTT is a test to measure our body’s ability to use up glucose (Source: WebMD).

Prior to the test, my diet was more on the veggie and fruits – cucumber is a current favorite. Honestly, I am a little scared. I had consumed a good amount of sugar-rich food and I did not do any exercises. The scary feeling amplified knowing that Nanay has a history of diabetes.

My OB gave me an option to have my test in Isabela Doctors General Hospital (IDGH) or at Amazing Grace Laboratory. I first visited IDGH but the friendly  told me that they don’t offer it. I had no choice but to proceed to Amazing Grace. It’s a small laboratory in front the Isabela Provincial Hospital.


The first procedure is to drink up a bottle of Glucose Tolerance Test Beverage  must be within 5 minutes. It’s the kind of sweetness I don’t like. Tastes like medicine. The lab’s med tech advised me that I have to wait for an hour before the extraction. On the next 60 minutes, I can not take anything in.

The whole test costed me PhP350.00 (PhP250.00 for the test beverage and PhP100.00 for the actual test). Should I have known earlier that Bro HealthCare is honored here, I could have requested for an LOA to get the test for free.


There was a blackout while I was waiting. I worry that my blood can not be run in time for my 11 AM appointment with my OB. I’m glad that the temperature inside the lab is cool and bright despite the absence of electricity. The premise is clean, no weird hospital-like smell.


The waiting area.

What other Amazing Grace and Diagnostic Services offer? Most of services offered are blood test – test for Hepa, Dengue, Typhoid and the like. It is also an accredited drug testing center.

20140827_084147An hour have passed, it’s time to let some blood. I am asked to sit in the Phlebotomy Area for the extraction. Electricity is back, yehey!

I liked the staff here. They’re friendly, all smiles. My belly even got some praises for its size and roundness. My  Little Toffee Pie’s fans club is growing. 🙂


Extraction does not hurt. Done in 5 minutes!


 Result’s out in 30 minutes. I PASSED at 8.08. It’s on the rim though so I still have to watch my sugar intake. No rice cakes, still!  Perhaps, it’s really time to let go of my sweet tooth permanently.


For a pleasant service experience, I am giving Amazing Grace 5-stars.

Amazing Grace and Medical Service is located Maharlika Highway, Calamagui 2nd, Ilagan, Isabela.



Thoughts: Hapee for Happy Mouth

After brushing, I have to drink a couple of glass of water because my mouth feels dry. I thought I am just thirsty but having dry, chapped lips too might mean something else. Pipi also has mouth concern-bleeding gums.

20140518_125706It’s nothing to be alarmed with the bleeding. His gums are simply sensitive (or he could be brushing his teeth in a wrong way causing trauma to his gums).

When I was younger, Sensodyne  was my dentist’s recommended brand. But it’s too expensive and I didn’t like the taste. A friend recommended using Hapee Gold Gumtect ’cause she thinks that my mouth may need some kind of a “moisturizer”. Gumtect contains Vitamin E to soothe and smooth damaged tissues and Allantoin to speed up the growth of new tissues in the gums. It also has Triclosan which is known to reduce plaque and tartar build up.  (Source: Hapee Gold Gumtect insert). 

I gave it a try and there was no dryness. And no morning breathe. 🙂 Could it be possible that my former toothpaste is too harsh for my mouth? I bought a tube for Pipi and asked him to try my new discovery. He said it also works for him. 🙂

I am using this toothpaste for more than 2 years now and still happy with it.

Note: I am not paid for this post. Only sharing a pleasant experience. 

New Year burger treat by Malcolm’s

Malcolm’s burger offer’ s a one-day Buy 1, Take 1 treat usually at the start of the year. This year was January 17. What’s special about them? Malcolm boast of the wagyu beef they use for their burger patties.

The long queue of people in front of their Salcedo St. simply indicates that their burgers are one of the much-loved burgers in this side of town. Or should I say this queue is of people who would like to take advantage to take a their product at a lower cost. 🙂

Usual price cost of burger is between PhP115 to PhP270.00.

My officemates and I decided to get The Ultimate Malcolm’s Bacon Cheeseburger. 2 burgers at PhP145.00 isn’t bad.

How do we find it?

Presentation-wise. Neatly wrapped in a white food wrapper. Nothing really special. I’m more interested with what’s inside.

The Burger.


    • The bun -tastes fresh, not so soft or too tough. Generous sesame on the bun crust. Yum!
    • The Filling – crispy lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes. beef patty is heaven. Bacon is crispy. Though i find these two filling a bit dry. This could be justified because these are grilled.Super Wo-mom MJ’s comment: Malasa!
    • Sauce – The burger comes with tomato ketchup. For me this is not needed. The burger is enjoyable by itself.

Over-all experience. Good. Value for money. Fresh ingredients. You will forget that you waited for 30 minutes to get your order.

What’ your Malcolm’s story?

Drops of Sunshine

A review for Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil.

I’m about to finish my third bottle. That only proves that i liked this product.

What do I use it for?
1. Eye make-up remover. A drop or two on a cotton ball lifts the hard to remove eyeliner and mascara. Does it sting the eye? No. It’s all natural oil. No traces of alcohol. Tip: Use this procedure after washing your face and feel your face after. Mine feels soft and supple.

2. Reliever for insect bites. It won’t scratch the itch as alcohol does but it soothes the pain and redness.

3. Hair polish. A drop is enough to give you that shiny hair. Apply at the tip of the hair then comb. Product is best applied if your hair is already dry. Since my hair is so thin, I only put half a drop.

4. Reliever for redness. Apply a drop of oil to the eyebrow and even armpit prior to plucking. There will be lesser redness after the skin torturing procedure. Lesser chicken skin, too.

5. Warming oil and moisturizer. My home town could be so cold during December to February. Before i go to slip i smooth a fair amount on my skin. The oil keeps me warm at the same time protects my skin from drying. I apply this product more often during cold season ’cause my skin itches on long exposure to cold wind.

6. As wd40. Hihi.

I tried using it as body massage oil before but it dries up easily. Try Human Nature Massage Oil instead.


The smallest SKU is 50 ml SKU, it can fit on a normal kikay pouch.

How will i know if the quantity i pumped out is enough?
Half press is 1-2 drops. Full press is about 4 or 5 drops.

What I like about this product?
Its versatility. Price is reasonable for its size. It’s oil but not greasy. Easily absorbed by the skin. It’s sealed in a pump container for hassle-free and clean application.

Should I recommend it?
Of course. If you are interested  trying, you may purchase it from Landmark Beauty Section, Rustan’s Supermarkets, and of course from Human Nature outlets, dealers and online store.

Instawhite: iWhite facial cream product review

My officemate and I have read a lot of blog entries about a Korean skin care product – iWhite.  We saw some sachets in 711 so we decided to give it a try and share our experience.

iWhite facial cream comes in 2 tones: white and pinkish. Check out the benefits it promises to its users. We can not test the Whitening and Dual UV protection in a short period of use so let’s focus on the Makeup base benefit first. For this trial, I use the white variant.


Finish. Powdery and matte. The cream reminds me those liquid cream that skinwhite used to offer. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and when it sets it gives a smooth, shine free finish. Yey!

Coverage. It can not cover those very dark pimple scars but good enough to even out the skin tone. And yes, it instantly brightens the skin. Maybe iWhite stands for instant white.

At first use, it was too white for me. Given that my skin is naturally morena. No worries, there are ways to work around it. Here’s how:
1. Moisturize. The same process expert makeup artists would advice. Moisturize even if face is oily. Opt for the one with no shade. Moisturizing will keep you away from the cake-y finish.
2. Work with pea sizes. Work with more pea-sized cream until your desired finish is achieved. A pea size of iWhite can go a long way.

3. Finish off by dusting powder closest to you skin tone. On the ‘white makeup’ photo, I am wearing the natural shade of Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder.


Price. Considered cheap at PhP20.00 for a 10ml sachet. The tube SKU costs around PhP169.00 in Watsons for (i think) around 150 ml.

Long-wearing. It stays until the end of the day and even after you after work sweaty jogging sessions. Since it’s a good makeup base, makeup worn over it can also stay long.

It’s been 2 weeks since I first used it. No break-outs here. So i guess I’m gonna continue using it. Do take note that what may work for me might not have the same effect t

One last note: keep you iWhite securely sealed. The cream can leave white patches on your dark colored belongings. My leather pouch still has these white circles even after rinsing of with soap and water.

Cheap Doesn’t Have to Taste Cheap

DanEricsi remember the saturdays when laziness come and neither my brother or i would want to cook lunch. the magic words to have eat lunch are: “eto pera, bili ka sa kanto”. so there, my brother would be obliged to get on to his feet to buy some lunch for us.

then everytime he comes back, the supot” (bag) of lunch would come with extra containers. not of extra viand but of ice cream.

Dan Eric’s.

“mura lang yan. masarap pa”, that’s how Kim (younger brother) first described it. Cheap as in 100ml would only cost no more than PhP20.00.

I had this prejudice against cheap ice cream. rough and starchy. but, but Dan Eric broke that notion.

i have only tried the smaller SKU. Dan Eric’s products also comes in bigger SKUs and flavors.

wanting to try it? Go for Mango Fiesta (picture shown in this post) or Ube. Simply heaven.

Taste – super milky and fruity
Texture – fine
Sweetness – just right

Foodies and Friends: Hello, Jean!

Alex, Cha and Jean were my friends and orgmates back and college. We all graduated with the same degree and another thing in common – passion for food. Passion for eating or cooking or both. 🙂

2012, we started this True Friends Club meeting (TFC for short) we do every other month. This is to catch up with each other and of course feast on food. SInce TFC was established, Jean who was working overseas had never joined us. On her short vacation, we grabbed the opportunity of spending some time with her. 

Racks is the place to be. 🙂


TFC is Charisse, Jean, Alej and Anne

Say Whut??? but honestly it’s my first time in Racks. Haha. I’m so 1990-late. For someone who appreciates American casual dining. Racks’ menu appealed to me. 

Here comes Ribs and Chicken. Well, they really deliver that tenderness that falls off the bone. I loved the smokey flavor of the ribs and the juiciness of the chicken. Both goes well with the mashed potato. 

Racks Ribs and Chicken

Classic Pork Ribs and Hickory Smoked Chicken (PhP469.00) and House Mashed Potato (PhP66 .00- reg; PhP116.00- large)

Jean like some pasta and her choice is Garlic Scampi Pasta. Tastes a little bland so we asked for extra serving of Parmesan Cheese for some additional taste. Charisse commented that scampi’s taste is usually bland because it’s oil-based like Aglio Oglio. That’s some interesting fact for me. 🙂 Pasta is cooked to al-dente perfection.


 Racks offers house platter for groups of 4, 6 and 8-10.

Moving on to desserts. After a rich meal, what could be a better idea than a dose of sweets. Our group decided to take a walk and check out coffee shops at the Block.

A Slice of Taste appealed to our group. It’s a escape from the usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean desserts. 

The sweeties we had: Double Choco Yema, Sir Francis Bacon and a slice of Caramel Yema Chiffon

One observation on the menu, Yema is their signature flavor! The yema flavor works well with choco and caramel. Sweetness is subtle and the base cake is chewy. One day, I’ll be able to create desserts like these. 

Sir Francis Bacon was ordered out of curiosity. Bacon and chocolate together for a dessert? The verdict: another flavor of yum. 

Meeting our former professor back in college is a bonus. “Ang lalaki niyo na!”, she said. Natawa naman ako sa comment ni Ms.Reandelar. 🙂


The cherry on the ube cakes – Ms. Joanne and her son, Joaquim

Fresh Selections Katipunan: An Organic Fastfood

Christmas Holiday recently concluded and my tummy is craving for something with low carbs and low fat. A friend suggested Fresh Selection. She describes this place where our vegetarian friends would be seen often. Fresh Selection offers fresh organic fruits, vegetables and meat. I’m glad that these kind of food are becoming more accessible.

We visited the Katipunan Branch. It’s quite small compared to the other Fresh Selection branches.  The wooden interior and yellow lights give a home-y feel. Cashier counter is right at the entrance where you can place and pay for your order. I only wish the comfort room is given a little more attention. It smells musty. 😦


I have tried their Fresh Lumpia, an order costs around PhP60.00. Serving size is just right and I love how the peanut sauce works with the lumpia. The wrapper tastes fresh, too. I heard their Fried Chicken is a must-try.


What else do they offer? Check out this menu. You can also purchase Ready-To-Cook Meals and enjoy your favorite restaurant dishes at home.


Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Budget: P250-300
Credit Cards: Not Accepted; Cash Basis Only
Reservations: No Reservations Accepted

The Promise of a Sunset: Tagbilaran Bay

Our budget does not allow us to stay at Bohol Tropics, so the team decided to stay at the nearby pension house named Coralandia. We managed to get the biggest cottage – good for 4 persons at PhP1,200. reasonable price for a night stay. It has 4 single beds one for me, for Rhea, Doc Odette and for our bag. 🙂 there’s a set of TV, hot and cold shower, basic toiletries and towels. not bad for a nights stay. yayks, i have no photos to show. You may want to check out this site for Coralandia review.

Coralandia may not  offer you a posh accommodation but the view will make the stay worth it. It’s overlooking the Tagbilaran Bay. We checked in before sunset. after settling in our room, Rhea and I took a walk outside our “house” .  This is what we saw:

Tagbilaran Sunset

The blend of orange and black is such a romantic sight. I can’t help but be awestruck by the wonderful sunset. Amazing. It leaves a promise that the sun will shine again.

Coralandia is located at 45 Graham Avenue, Tagbilaran City
(038) 411 3445