Today’s TY: I Passed my 50 G OGTT

Alarmed of my 2-kg gain last month, my OB asked me to go through 50 G Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). It was to eliminate the speculation that I might have a gestational diabetes. OGTT is a test to measure our body’s ability to use up glucose (Source: WebMD).

Prior to the test, my diet was more on the veggie and fruits – cucumber is a current favorite. Honestly, I am a little scared. I had consumed a good amount of sugar-rich food and I did not do any exercises. The scary feeling amplified knowing that Nanay has a history of diabetes.

My OB gave me an option to have my test in Isabela Doctors General Hospital (IDGH) or at Amazing Grace Laboratory. I first visited IDGH but the friendly  told me that they don’t offer it. I had no choice but to proceed to Amazing Grace. It’s a small laboratory in front the Isabela Provincial Hospital.


The first procedure is to drink up a bottle of Glucose Tolerance Test Beverage  must be within 5 minutes. It’s the kind of sweetness I don’t like. Tastes like medicine. The lab’s med tech advised me that I have to wait for an hour before the extraction. On the next 60 minutes, I can not take anything in.

The whole test costed me PhP350.00 (PhP250.00 for the test beverage and PhP100.00 for the actual test). Should I have known earlier that Bro HealthCare is honored here, I could have requested for an LOA to get the test for free.


There was a blackout while I was waiting. I worry that my blood can not be run in time for my 11 AM appointment with my OB. I’m glad that the temperature inside the lab is cool and bright despite the absence of electricity. The premise is clean, no weird hospital-like smell.


The waiting area.

What other Amazing Grace and Diagnostic Services offer? Most of services offered are blood test – test for Hepa, Dengue, Typhoid and the like. It is also an accredited drug testing center.

20140827_084147An hour have passed, it’s time to let some blood. I am asked to sit in the Phlebotomy Area for the extraction. Electricity is back, yehey!

I liked the staff here. They’re friendly, all smiles. My belly even got some praises for its size and roundness. My  Little Toffee Pie’s fans club is growing. 🙂


Extraction does not hurt. Done in 5 minutes!


 Result’s out in 30 minutes. I PASSED at 8.08. It’s on the rim though so I still have to watch my sugar intake. No rice cakes, still!  Perhaps, it’s really time to let go of my sweet tooth permanently.


For a pleasant service experience, I am giving Amazing Grace 5-stars.

Amazing Grace and Medical Service is located Maharlika Highway, Calamagui 2nd, Ilagan, Isabela.



How To: Properly Use Bro Healthcare Card


Membership? Done. 3-month residency period? Observed! Now, a day came that you need to use your Bro Healthcare Card. How to properly use it? Highlight on the word: PROPERLY.

    • Proceed to the nearest hospital that is managed or owned by the Isabela Government and show your BRO Healthcare ID care to the Healthcare Coordinator. The Healthcare Coordinator will then process your admission. Hospitals that are managed by the Isabela Government are as follows:
      • Cabagan District Hospital
      • Roxas District Hospital
      • Cauayan District Hospital
      • Echague District Hospital
      • Palanan Community Hospital
      • San Mariano Community Hospital
      • Villa Concepcion Extension Hospital
      • Gov. Faustino N. Dy, Sr. Memorial Hospital (Isabela Provincial Hospital)
  2. ACCREDITED HOSPITALS. In case the medical services can not be provided by the hospital listed above, a Referral Letter from the Chief of Hospital will be issued to authorize transfer of patient vo an accredited hospital. Bro Healthcare Accredited Doctors and Hospitals – As of May 2014

What if I want to go directly to an accredited hospital? Is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible. As long as you bear a Letter of Authority approved by the Bro Healthcare Office.

How can I get a Letter of Authority (LOA)?

  1. Bring the Referral Letter from the Chief of Hospital or your attending physician to the Provincial Health Office located at the Isabela Provincial Hospital, Calamagui 2nd, Ilagan, Isabela. The current Provincial Health Officer II is Dr. Rosarita B. Mariano.

    The LOA serves as your passport to transfer your patient from a District Hospital or Provincial Hospital.

  2. Once the LOA is secured, proceed to get an approval from the BRO Healthcare Office, G/F Capitol Building, Alibagu, Ilagan, Isabela. If the patient is a beneficiary of the principal member the following documents are required:Capture - BRO
  3. After a successful processing  from the Bro Healthcare Office, you may now proceed to the accredited hospital. Don’t forget to bring the approved LOA.

What if the patient is admitted to an accredited hospital without an LOA? Will Bro Healthcare still cover for the medical services?

It’s a case to case basis. A medical abstract will be required by the Provincial Health Office and Bro Healthcare Office for evaluation. If the medical abstract proves that the case is emergency and that a District Hospital or Provincial Hospital can not provide the services that the patient needs, then it’s a yes. Processing this kind of case is beyond my knowledge but I promise to write about it once information is available.

Processing the LOA will require a lot of leg work and patience. The hassle may be the reason some members by-pass the process. Well, emergency cases will be an exemption. Folks, this is the current process that the Bro Health Care Office spelled out. Let’s abide to it to avoid personal hassles and hassles to other member’s as well. Let’s support this project. I am hoping that soon Bro Healthcare Office will come up with a friendlier processes.

Note: I am simply sharing what I read and heard. For more info, please directly contact the Bro Healthcare Office.

Bro Healthcare Office
G/F Isabela Capital, Alibagu, Ilagan, Isabela
(078) 323 0386

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How To: Apply for Bro Healthcare (Isabela) Membership

Health is wealth. No wonder, restoring it is costly.

My mother underwent a series of Shock Wave therapy to crush then eventually flush out the stone on her ureters. Philhealth only covers a minimal percentage of the bill (about 5%). Thankfully someone shared about BRO Healthcare. Nanay immediately applied for her membership and enjoyed free Shock Wave therapy. It was a big help to our family so I am also sharing some info for the benefit of Isabelino’s.3b175976ffd6987d6b588babc8db5081e5cfb83559a311a0918135fce58190f9


BRO HEALTHCARE is socialized health insurance system made-in-Isabela for  the people of Isabela Province. It is an effort of the Isabela government to alleviate the people from the burden of the rising cost of medication and other medical services.

The promise: 100% free medical and hospitalization benefits to members with a minimal contribution – PhP150.00 monthly contribution for individual paying members and PhP100.00 annual membership fee for the indigents.

Who are qualified to apply?

Principal member must be a resident and a registered voter of Isabela.

What are the documentary requirements to be a member?

  1. Voter’s ID or Voter’s affidavit – I passed by the municipal ComElec Office to check the validity of my Voter’s ID. Glad it’s still valid. I am still a voter of Isabela.
  2. Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)  – You can process this from your Barangay Hall or in my case from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.

* Bring the original and photocopy of the documents above. Photocopy services is available in front the Health Care Office.

Who are the beneficiaries of a BRO HEALTHCARE Member?

  • spouse of the principal member
  • children of the principal member who are below 21 years old and are single
  • parents of the principal sponsor who are 60 years old and above
  • children who are borne with a congenital disorder

Where can I apply?

Applications can be made in the following offices:

  1. BRO Healthcare Office, G/F Isabela Capitol, Alibagu, Ilagan, Isabela
  2. BRO Healthcare Coordinator Office of Isabela District Hospitals
    • Cabagan District Hospital
    • Roxas District Hospital
    • Cauayan District Hospital
    • Echague District Hospital
    • Palanan Community Hospital
    • San Mariano Community Hospital
    • Villa Concepcion Extension Hospital

How to be a member?

As long as you have the complete requirement for the application, the membership process will be done in 15 minutes. There is a lane designated for new membership. If you have to wait, there are seats available inside Health Care Office.


  1. Fill out the MMDR Form. This will capture your personal info, some important numbers and your dependents. You may also be required to bring documents like Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate as a proof of relationship to beneficiary.
  2. Submit filled out MMDR Form together with the photocopy of Voter’s ID/Voter’s Affidavit and Cedula. A Healthcare Officer will then encode your information to their database.
  3. Undergo a simple orientation about the program. The Health Care Office makes sure that you understand what the program is all about: where and when to pay for the membership fee, how to properly avail of the benefit, what are the accredited hospitals are few of the things discussed. A pamphlet about the Health Program is given during the orientation. It has a list of accredited Hospitals and Doctors. Bro Healthcare Accredited Doctors and Hospitals – As of May 2014.
  4. Have your photo taken. A beautiful smile is a requirement. 🙂
  5. Pay membership and other fees. Initial membership payment of PhP150.00 peso is required. Additional PhP50.00 (one-time payment only) is charged for the membership card. Succeeding payments can be made in the main Health Care Office or District Hospitals in the province.

    Important: Keep your payment receipts and always bring them when making a new payment for cashier’s reference.

    Monthly Membership Fee: PhP 150.00
    Membership ID Card Fee: PhP 50.00 (one-time payment)

    * A minimum penalty will be charged for late payments of monthly contributions.

  6. Wait for your Healthcare ID. Printing will take only 5 minutes.

My Isabela Provincial Health Card.


Interested groups can directly coordinate with BRO HealthCare office or call (078) 323 0386 or (0917) 966 1668.

When Can I Use the Card?

A three-month residency period will be observed. This means that benefits of the Health Card can be enjoyed 3 months from registration date.

How to Properly Use the Card?
Check this link.  

How To: Renew Professional ID

It has been 6 years since I received my PRC license. Just sad that I haven’t really used it professionally. On it’s expiration in 2009 I have never renewed it. I intend to go  back to the academe. This time as a teacher. First things first — RENEW LICENSE. How?

Dec 16 2008: Oath Taking  Ceremonies for NCR Professional Teachers in Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City

Dec 16 2008: Oath Taking Ceremonies for NCR Professional Teachers in Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City

According to PRC website, there are 2 ways of renewing: 1) through PRC Central and Regional Offices 2) through SM Malls. Isabela doesn’t have a PRC office. The nearest one is in  Tuguegarao, Cagayan which is around 2-3 hours travel from my town. So the better option is through SM Malls.

How is Professional ID Renewal Done in SM Malls?

  1. Prepare the following and proceed to the Renewal Lane:
    • One (1) passport sized ID picture, close up, in white background and nametag. No smiling please.
    • Come in smart casual attire. Polo shirt, blouse with collar is just fine even if you come in jeans.
  2. Fill-in the renewal Form which you can get from the teller. The renewal form is also downloadable from PRC website. Once finished, submit the completed form and the picture to the teller.
    • Important details to input:
      • date of examination,
      • registration date,
      • expiration date,
      • and license number. 
  3. Queue for phototaking. Yes, you will have your photo taken again. Do your best to look good. This will be the face on your ID for the next 3 years.
  4. Pay assessed fee for renewal (and penalty fee, if any), photo fee, convenience fee and/or courier service fee.
    • Renewal fee – The usual renewal fee is PhP450.00 per renewal year (once every 3 years). There is  a penalty of  PhP30.00 every expired month. For example:
      Capture - PRC
    • Photo Fee:  will be updated soon
    • Convenience Fee: PhP 50.00
    • Courier Service Fee:  PhP 80.00 (optional)
  5. Receive claim stub and receipts. The claim stub comes with a contact number of the SM Business Center for your follow-ups.
  6. Claim the PIC on the date indicated in the claim stub or if you availed of the courier service, you just have to wait for its delivery.

The lead time for the pick-up of delivery of the PIC is another story. If  in a hurry, it’s best to proceed to the nearest PRC instead. Processing time in PRC Centers is around 2 weeks whereas SM Malls is around 2-3 months. The downside of the promised convenience.

Renew your PRC Licenses in Region 2 in these locations:

Capture - SM

How To: Submit SSS Maternity Notification in Isabela

It’s my 7th month of pregnancy and I haven’t notified SSS about it. Panic. Panic! Before I faint panicking, I googled on how to notify SSS about my pregnancy.

I learned that expectant moms can do notification online or go personally to your servicing branch or to the nearest SSS Branch. I left my employment in April so my case is a different story. SSS Membership Status: SEPARATED. Online notification could be a very convenient option but for some reason SSS website always gives me an internal problem alert. Sigh! I have to through the other process.

Google, google again. Wow, there’s an SSS near my OB’s Clinic in Ilagan!

Here are  SSS Branches in Isabela where you can transact

Bucag Bldg., Canciller Avenue, District 1, Cauayan City, Isabela
Phone: (078)  634-5286

N.S. Binag Bldg., National Road, Camalagui Second, Ilagan, Isabela
Phone: (078) 624-1409

Musngi Bldg., Provincial Rd., Centro East, Santiago City, Isabela

Phone: (078) 682-7401


Anywhere in the Philippines, the process of submitting SSS Maternity Notification (MAT-1) is the same.

  1. Fill-out SSS Maternity Notification (MAT-1) Form. Note: Use black ink only.
  2. Submit the accomplished form together with the supporting documents necessary.
    • Ultrasound or OB report to prove pregnancy (Hello, look at my belly! :))
    • A photocopy of your SSS ID, just in case
  3. A copy of the “Received” MAT-1 will be returned to you appended on a Maternity Reimbursement Form (MAT-2) and your SSS Transaction Slip. The receiving SSS Staff  will (may) also give you a run through of the requirements for reimbursement. I have mentioned my membership status, the staff highlighted the requirements that I need to prepare.


Bring a photocopy of your Ultrasound/OB Report and SSS ID (2 sets).

Bring a black ballpen.

Don’t forget to smile and thank the SSS Staff and even the Manong Guard who opened the door for you.

SSS Ilagan is a satellite office of Cauayan Branch. I overheard that encoding is done in Cauayan Office. There’s actually a Step 3.1 Have the “Received” MAT-1 photocopied in the next establishment. The photocopy will be the reference of the SSS Staff to encode your notification and the original copy will be returned to you for the reimbursement process.

SSS Branches are open 8:00AM to 5:00PM with no lunch breaks. I went to Ilagan Branch at around 9AM and there were only 2 persons in the line – an elderly and I. In a matter of 15 minutes, my transaction is done.


  • SSS Maternity Notification can be done 60 days from the date of conception but not later than the date of delivery.
  • For members who are separated from employment/self-employed/voluntary/OFW/non-working spouse can submit to the SSS branch nearest her residence.
  • If you are employed, SSS Mat-1 will be submitted by your employer – through the HR department in your behalf. Full payment of the maternity benefit shall be advanced by the employer within 30 days from the maternity leave application.
  • Receipt of Maternity Notification form does not guarantee payment of Maternity Benefit. Payment of benefit will be based on existing policies and guidance.

I am praying and hoping that I will not have any problem with my SSS claim. As far as I know, I am qualified to avail of it. There were cases when claims can be denied. Find out why.