Buntistament 35: A Fruitful Week

September is here. Christmas season in the Philippines officially started.

How am I?

I’m all good. Nesting syndrome is coming back. Braxton-Hicks is felt more often than the past weeks. Yesterday was one of the toughest day I had or should I say toughest night. Getting out of bed is so painful. Groin area and tailbone is hurting like I am being split apart. I told Nanay about the pain and it alarmed her a bit. She worries about Sophie coming out anytime. She reminds me to assess every pain I felt and that I should be careful.

I shared the “pain” experience to my mommy-friends and they commented that my body is preparing for baby to get engaged on my pelvic bones. She’s really coming! That will be soon. I tried some hip opener routines I read on spinningbaby.com somehow the cat cow position alleviates the pain. I can’t do routine that requires to lie down on my back. Reason: I can not breathe. Baby weight is the culprit, I suppose.

As for my Little Toffee Pie, she seems to enjoy her final month in my womb. She’s expected to be a little less active due to cramped space. But, but her jabs and kicks are more solid. My little baby has harder bones by now.


Carrying Little Isabelle – my niece with Sophie in my tummy. How do I look?

What made me busy this week?

Shopping.A few trips to the mall was made to buy few more stuff for Sophie. Additional jammies and shirts and even underwear. Another trip was made to the market to buy textile for baby blankets. Nanay didn’t like the blankets available in the malls so we opted to go for custom-made.

We purchased 4 pieces of textile with 1 and 1/2 yard length. The textile was available in 96 width so a single length is already good for 2 pieces of blanket.

Total price for 8 pieces of blankets: PhP720.00 (total price includes 4x 1.5 yards textile at PhP142.5 plus sewing labor for PhP150.00). That ain’t bad at all. Baby blankets can cause around PhP200.00 a piece.

Church activities. Our church is undergoing a rebuilding stage. After 5 years, we went back to the building where the church begin 20 years ago.

I’ve always been a part of a church volunteer team before. I involved myself in some church planting activities, been a part of the ushering ministry then tech and prod team. The last ministry I served is kid’s ministry. Serving in those ministries have developed character and cultivated that servant leadership in me (I am still a work i progress though).

It’s really feels good to be serving in church once again. The best part: Nanay and Tatay serves with me. We joined the church clean-up last Monday. It’s a good way to reconnected and reunited with the church again – coming together to rebuild God’s church.

I can not really do much physical activities due to pregnancy but I can do social media and other brainy stuff. I decided to assume a position of managing the church’s Facebook account and start a blog for the church. The blog is to contain news, devotionals and sermon notes (while sunday preaching can not be recorded yet to be posted as podcasts). I am enjoying these kind of stuff.

House Construction: Construction of our home resumes again. We have some carpenters in the house! Part of the carpenters’ compensation is lunch and 2 snacks – for morning and afternoon. I lend extra hands in the kitchen and is in-charge of the dishwashing department. That includes cleaning up charred pots and pans since we are using the wood-fueled outdoor stove.

Odesk. God really honors our faith. A week ago, I opened another bank account with an intention to link it to my Paypal Account. As I received my new ATM card, I uttered a prayer asking for God’s blessing. I have opened an account as a declaration of faith that God can provide even in a dessert.

I needed and wanted to earn extra income even at home. I thought Odesk would be a good starting ground. I was a bit dismayed ’cause my first job wasn’t paid. Some were interested to hire me but contracts did not push through. I still continued to apply for VA jobs. As I wait and sought God during these times, he rewarded me with another project.



The Joy of Waiting: Week 33

Two of my friends gave birth the past two weeks. Baby Sophie is now 33 weeks. I could feel her weight gain each week. There is now more stress on my back and middle joints. Getting up from bed is becoming a struggle. There is pain. There are discomforts. But excitement still outweighs them all.

Week 33 is also characterized by stronger kicks and jabs. I wonder what our little baby girl is doing inside. One thing I have observed, she seemed not to like pillows on my tummy. She wants to kick them away. It’s becoming a habit to rub the tiny lumps she creates on my tummy whenever she moves. I do this little guessing game of what part of her are those lumps. I think I felt her foot once,another time her knee. It’s really amusing to see my belly in different shapes. Sometimes it’s pointy but most of the time it resembles the shape of a supermoon. ūüôā

My “basketball belly” gives a hint of Sophie’s position inside my belly. She’s head down, facing my back – the ideal position for delivery. Sophie can still do some back flips and other stunts ’til the delivery day. I hope she will be on that position when it’s time for her to come out.


Panic Happens

Panic wrapped me last night. There is an trace of unknown discharge on my shorts and I was like ‘what is this?’. I went through my notes of preterm labor signs. One pointer says: If there’s a discharge, do the sniff test. It smells like ammonia. False alarm, it’s just urine. ¬†I do my pelvic floor exercises but leaks still do happen. Pipi laughed at the situation but I know panic crawled into him too.

After that moment of panic, I went back to bed to talk to Sophie. Rubbing my tummy, I ask her to hang on until week 37. She answered with a ticklish kick on my side as if saying ‘Yes, mommy. I will!”. I am now so much in love with our little Toffee Pie.

Birth plans: Delivery Day Wishes

I finished putting checks on my birth plan and gave a copy to Pipi. He thought birth plan was a medical insurance plan. I was like, ‘No, Lalabs! This is a list of procedures I wanted to be done to me and Sophie on D-day. It’s like my delivery day wishlist’.

I did not enroll for any birth class but I am gearing up for vaginal birth. I have communicated that to my OB and she is supportive of it. I wish there are birth classes in our community. Unfortunately, our rural health has not organized one yet. So to educate myself, I read and watch videos about labor and delivery. I also talk to some of my friends who are already mommies and ask about their delivery experiences.

Proper breathing and delivery positions are few of the important things I have learned. One birth expert says that labor and delivery is a natural process that we, women undergo. Our body knows how to breath when we go through it. All we need is a nice, slow, deep breathing to get the oxygen our body needs. Not the hee, hee, hoo, hoo breathing that we see in movies.

I initially picked semi-reclined position during delivery. That is prior to watching the best positions to do so. Now, I have reconsidered squat and hands and feet. These two positions makes gravity work for you and prevents tailbone injury. It looks awkward, yes! I will have to forget about the awkwardness. What’s important is for Baby Sophie to come out safely, with ease.

I¬†want Pipi to be on my side when I push Sophie out. I am excited to see Sophie and her father have their first moment together. I am also hoping that there will be no conflicts on Pipi’s schedule so that wish could be fulfilled. Who will cut the cord? I want Pipi to do it. I am now imagining how he would feel on the cord-cutting ceremony. A ribbon-cutting ceremony¬†to¬†the outside world. ¬†I want to capture that moment and immortalize it so keep the cameras and smartphones fully charged!

Other wishes: bring home the placenta for an old tradition. I will be blogging about that soon.

As I read more about labor, delivery and birth plan. It made me understand I can actually have a control of what’s gonna happen on D-day. But of course, these ideals can still change as need arises. I am really claiming that vaginal birth. Please, Lord please. Let’s do this!


The Joy of Waiting: 3rd Tri First Month

Our Toffee Pie is growing so fast.  July 11, 2014, we officially entered the first month of our 3rd and final trimester.

How was it like to be on this trimester? Excited! I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I spend most of the days at home because I fear that Baby Sophie may come anytime. But of course, I am claiming that there will be no preterm labor delivery.

Heavy with Baby Sophie at 29 weeks and 5 days

Heavy with Baby Sophie at 29 weeks and 5 days

Tummy is getting bigger and feels heavier. Occasionally, I feel pain on my lower back and middle joints. My OB explained that this pain is caused by the additional weight that my body is carrying. I have also observed¬†that I’m a little clumsier. ¬†I now have to move slower and more careful.¬†Pipi, I now walk slower!¬†ūüôā

My weight gain is at 2 kg in a span of a month. My OB is alarmed so she advised me to stop taking my prenatal vitamins but should continue taking calcium, iron and Vitamin Complex. I should really slowed down on those suman.

Some cardio activities are encouraged. I wanted to do my 20-minute work-out every day but the lazy side of me is preventing me to. So I do it every other day. It’s been raining lately thus I have no choice but to stay indoor because of . . .

Weak immune system. Bearing that the immune system of mom-to-bes are on the weaker side, I have to do ever possible measure to prevent myself from getting sick.

On my 29th week, I had cough and runny nose in the morning for a week. Thankfully, colds were cured by water therapy. I only have to deal with my morning cough. I was prescribed to take mucolytic and antibiotics for 5 days. Yeah, antibiotics! Doc Bringas assured me that Cefalexin is safe for pregnant mommies and unborn children.

Question in mind: Will my baby also get colds and cough if I have them?

Good news! The answer is no.

Sleepiness: Most of the times, I felt sleepy. My usual waking up time is 6:30 am. After finishing some household chores at around 9:30 am, I started to feel the urge to take a nap. I give in to it most of the times knowing that my body is now storing up energy for the big day. Am glad that the people here in the house are supportive of me. They just let me doze off when I need to.

 A Throwback on AntibioticsMeadow-Flowers-Clip-Art-222x250

This is already my second time to take antibiotics. The first one is during my 2nd trimester when I contracted UTI. Believe me, a decision to take antibiotics is scary. I read through the possible effects of uncured UTI among pregnant mommies and it was scary to know that it could be fatal to the fetus and may also cause preterm delivery. So I took my chances and prayed that the medication will not harm Baby Sophie.

Keep on Doing

  • Drink more water: since I ‘ve learned that I am pregnant. My minimum water intake a day is 3 liters. It‚Äôs so important that pregnant moms like me are properly dehydrated. It helps proper digestion;¬†aids¬†the¬†transportation of¬†¬†nutrients to the baby, and keeps the skin from drying.
  • Eat healthy. Consume less¬†salt, oil and sugar. Avoid processed food. Consume¬†more fruits and veggies. For me¬†that means citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Do cardio with proper warm-up and stretching.
  • Maintain proper posture.
  • Interact with baby by talking, singing and reading stories. My interaction with baby also includes rubbing my tummy specially when she‚Äôs doing her jabs and kick. “Yes, baby I felt you.”
  • Exercise proper breathing.
  • Rest.
  • Laugh more. Stay positive.
  • Pray for and speak blessings¬†to our little one.

Have a happy buntis day!

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