What are You Thankful For?

It’s Thanksgiving! Nope. We’re not roasting a turkey nor baking cornucopia. It’s not part of Filipino culture. We have roasted pig but will only be ready on Christmas. As the other part of the world is busy preparing for a traditional dinner, I am reflecting on the things I am thankful for this year. Negative life… Continue reading What are You Thankful For?


A Story of Dependence

Sophie is turning 2 months in 10 days. Diaper changing and breastmilk-drench clothes has become part of our daily lives. She has grown a lot in span of 2 months. Heavier. Chubbier cheeks. She also started to establish routines of sleep, play and feeding. While I am catching up with my online work last night,… Continue reading A Story of Dependence

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Sophie’s Birth: God is in Control

The day began with a grateful heart. God has spared our town from a threatening storm. The sun peeping through the clouds is a relief to the farmers who will be harvesting rice in a few days. The sunshine also gave me relief that I am not giving birth during a storm. One item from… Continue reading Sophie’s Birth: God is in Control

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The Joy of Waiting: Early Term!

What’s excited this week? We’re officially on 37th week! Baby Sophie might come out anytime starting this day. Sophie and I visited Dr. Bringas for our weekly pre-natal check-up. Her secretary thought that I was the one due to gave birth this day. I simply smiled and told her that it’s not yet the time… Continue reading The Joy of Waiting: Early Term!

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Buntistament 35: A Fruitful Week

September is here. Christmas season in the Philippines officially started. How am I? I’m all good. Nesting syndrome is coming back. Braxton-Hicks is felt more often than the past weeks. Yesterday was one of the toughest day I had or should I say toughest night. Getting out of bed is so painful. Groin area and… Continue reading Buntistament 35: A Fruitful Week

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How To: Prepare an Aromatic Bath

Nanay always look after our health Even now that my siblings and I are already grown up she still makes sure that we are always in the pink of our health. She was worried about me when I was in my 7th month of pregnancy and caught colds and cough. She advised me to do home remedies before I… Continue reading How To: Prepare an Aromatic Bath

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Today’s TY: I Passed my 50 G OGTT

Alarmed of my 2-kg gain last month, my OB asked me to go through 50 G Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). It was to eliminate the speculation that I might have a gestational diabetes. OGTT is a test to measure our body’s ability to use up glucose (Source: WebMD). Prior to the test, my diet was more on the veggie and fruits – cucumber is a… Continue reading Today’s TY: I Passed my 50 G OGTT

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Buntistament Week 34: The Tale of the Wicked Pregnant Half-Sister?

(Subtitle: How to Prepare the Youngest Sibling  for a New Niece) In a matter of 4 weeks, Sophie will be out of my womb. Preparations are now full-blown. I thought I will not have a problem with our Little Tsang ’cause weeks before, she had been expressing her excitement for Sophie’s birth. Lately, we have noticed some… Continue reading Buntistament Week 34: The Tale of the Wicked Pregnant Half-Sister?

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How To: Properly Use Bro Healthcare Card

Membership? Done. 3-month residency period? Observed! Now, a day came that you need to use your Bro Healthcare Card. How to properly use it? Highlight on the word: PROPERLY. PROVINCIAL/ DISTRICT HOSPITALS Proceed to the nearest hospital that is managed or owned by the Isabela Government and show your BRO Healthcare ID care to the Healthcare Coordinator. The Healthcare Coordinator will then process your admission. Hospitals that… Continue reading How To: Properly Use Bro Healthcare Card

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How To: Apply for Bro Healthcare (Isabela) Membership

Health is wealth. No wonder, restoring it is costly. My mother underwent a series of Shock Wave therapy to crush then eventually flush out the stone on her ureters. Philhealth only covers a minimal percentage of the bill (about 5%). Thankfully someone shared about BRO Healthcare. Nanay immediately applied for her membership and enjoyed free Shock… Continue reading How To: Apply for Bro Healthcare (Isabela) Membership